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  • in reply to: Lakewood Resident Screaming About New Shopping Mall #1208521

    glad to know that YWN MODS admit they are corrupt but sad that now you have brought tragedy upon yourselves after being warned in the name of Hashem to do teshuva & return to honesty.

    soon you will be crying out to Hashem begging to stop these tragedies in your families R”L. YOU CAUSED THIS UPON YOURSELF & WERE WARNED A FEW TIMES

    may you finally wake up to teshuva & return to %100 honesty in your work & everything

    Sam, cursing the families of the mods because they deleted your posts isindefensible. You have extended your ranting, which you somehow claim to be in the name of Hashem, too far. Get yourself some help.

    in reply to: Lakewood Resident Screaming About New Shopping Mall #1208511

    why wasn’t my post put up? it was all the honest truth.

    as i wrote i’m ashamed of my dishonest & corrupt brethren & the chillul Hashem they are making. but now i see that even YWN is corrupt cause you have not posted my letter when everything was %100 the truth

    if YWN ever wants to do teshuva then post my previous letter & show Hashem that you are honest

    Lakewood is heading towards Ramapo NY R”L

    We do not post lashon hora, even if it is true, and certainly not motzi shem ra.

    in reply to: Kosher Cruise #1220041


    if a person says im willing to become jewish except for 1 halacha i cant keep then he is not allowed to convert & no rabbi is permitted to convert him. EVEN IF THE RABBI SAYS IM SURE IN A MONTH ONCE S/HE SEES THE SWEETNESS OF JUDAISM S/HE WILL BE WILLING TO KEEP THIS LAST MITZVA

    in reply to: Time capsule #1208839

    i want to tell myself that klal yisroel finally woke up to reality & did teshuva together as a nation so mashiach can finally come & the endless tzaros hitting klal yisroel can finally come to an end.

    i’m hoping to come back to read this in 5 years in yerushalyim with the bais Hamikdosh rebuilt

    help make this happen

    in reply to: 2017 #1207461

    mamish such a zerizus. wishing me a new year 9 months early. wow you really are quick

    in reply to: Confusing halacha, minhag, chumra and shtus* #1210996

    some people light 2 candles no matter how many children they have. they stand for shamor & zachor of shabbos, while others light a candle for each member in their family from their children to the parents also. people have different minhagim that they follow in

    speak to someone in your family to find out what your family minhag/ritual is

    in reply to: Comments on Kerry's speech on Israel? #1206178


    Obama is not a bnei eisav he is bnei yishmael just for your info.

    in reply to: MENOrah 🐠📣 #1207010

    change it to MENOtov

    MENO is a great person & not ra

    in reply to: Kashrus in Israel #1205157

    ” why do some (or many) Ashkenazim not eat from the Badatz Beis Yosef hechsher”

    cause they think or feel that it is a sefardi hechsher (which it might be) in which they are aschkenazim

    in reply to: The Environment and Our World- I Care About it #1204812

    using plastic disposable & throwing it our is cheaper then china & washing it out with paying the water bill & labor work cleaning it

    in reply to: Relating the Tisha B’av message from Hashem in Today’s generation #1204273

    bump for a chanuka with mashiach

    in reply to: I'm hurting inside tonight #1204962

    sorry to hear

    may his neshama have an Aliya

    may we all listen & appreciate our leaders while they are still alive & take every word of their with respect

    in reply to: Tochacha #1204335


    read this link to get the messages of 9/11 from Hashem

    Relating the Tisha B’av message from Hashem in Today’s generation

    yes 9/11 is Tisha B’av. how does that shock you? was an electric shock to me when message came from Shomayim after 9/11/2001 hit the world

    read the rest of the message on the link

    in reply to: Tochacha #1204334


    see now your living in denial & trying to turn your face away From Hashem cause were not brave enough yet to confess to our loving father hashem & think we can fool Hashem. but Hashem knows the truth that we get his wake-up call message for teshuva

    “if a person thinks he can fool Hashem-in anything-he is the fool.

    in reply to: Tochacha #1204326


    if we started to just take a few to heart and do sincere teshuva about it THEN ALL TRAGEDIES WOULD COME TO A HALT & WE WOULD NOT NEED TO TAKE ANY MORE TO HEART.

    one thing forgot to mention earlier is the famous line “ain poraneius baolam ela bshvil yisroel” there are no tragedies in the world except on the account of klal yisroel. i.e. even if there are no yidden involved in the tragedy. like just occurred today in Berlin killing & injuring many.

    in reply to: Favorite flavor donut #1204678

    used to be boston cream until i visited Denver & tried the denver cream donut. much better lol

    in reply to: Have we argued enough about Chanukah? #1206020

    no we obviously have not argued enough about chanukah yet because we have still not arrived at the chanukas of the 3rd bais hamikdosh with mashiachs arrival.

    time to each ask ourselves what might be some of reasons why we are not ready for the geula yet? let us know what you feel is your honest opinion why we are still in golus.

    Why isn’t Mashiach here yet?

    may this year chanuka arrive with mashiach coming & us lighting the 7 branch menora in the bais Hamikdosh

    in reply to: Tochacha #1204317


    Every word i wrote i am talking to myself also,

    regarding what i am referring to in teshuva

    1)from the sinas chinam (baseless hatred) today in klal yisroel being worse then the days of the 2nd bais Hamikdosh that was destroyed because of it R”L. How can we expect the bais Hamikdosh to come if we still have not done teshuva & fixed the issue of why it was destroyed?

    2)if klal yisroel was one loving nation today -on all levels from frum to frei to chasidish etc…- then we wouldnt lack “nosei b’ol” feeling the pain of your brothers…. lets be honest what really happens to %95 of us when tragedy strikes R”L we ask what does hashem want from me i don’t even know leiby Kletzsky or another tragedy R”L? almost everyone today throws it beyond their shoulder & forgets about it without caring for their own brother. WHEN IN TRUTH IN THE BACK OF OUR MINDS we get the wake-up call from hashem for teshuva but we can’t confess & admit to our loving father that we get his tragic wake-up call message & we will start doing teshuva

    to help you wake up to a reality example: today most parents with problem children R”L %75 percent of them, both parents will say its not so bad at least he’s still passing his tests… by the time hes 13 hes going to be such a problem child R”L WHY? cause the parents couldn’t admit to themselves that we have a problem child & we need to do something about it NOW WHEN HES ONLY 5 years old before it gets worse.

    3)many other things we need to do public teshuva as a nation together. sadly too many to list AND YES EVERYTHING WRITTEN INCLUDES ME. i need to do teshuva too, as i am right now in the midst of a taanis teshuva today

    stop the tzaros today before it gets worse C”V

    in reply to: Tochacha #1204314

    most of the tochacha i have given on the web versus face to face goes in vain, mostly due to the generation we are living in today of not being able to admit to our loving father Hashem that we all need to wake up & face reality.

    one thing we can all admit to is: “there is no such thing as coincidence” so when tragedies strike non-stop R”L why don’t we each ask ourselves why is Hashem putting so much tzaros on us & getting worse from tragic to horrific R”L?

    The honest answer through a parable is that when a child will not listen to his/her parent then sometimes the parent has no choice but to punish his child for the childs good so s/he can learn from their mistakes & improve their ways so next time they listen & never make the same mistake again.

    From this i can give you the HONEST TOCHACHA that when we are hit with non-stop tragedies & still don’t face reality by admitting to Hashem that we need to wake up to do teshuva, then i am not surprised there is so much tzaros R”L. (should a doctor be surprised that his patient is still sick if he won’t listen to his doctor & take the prescribed medicine? does the doctor have any reason to feel bad? whose fault is it that the patient is still sick? the doctor-Hashem in this case-or the patient-klal yisroel?) First we need to do teshuva & then if it continues then something is wrong.

    may we all finally wake up & do teshuva very soon so mashiach can finally come.

    may this tochacha be a positive step to help us return to the right path to Hashem

    in reply to: Rules for Davening #1206886

    mik 5

    A+1 would’ve given pretty much the same answers. thanks for doing the typing

    in reply to: what is the best RESTERAUNT cholent* #1200621


    Pareve so everyone visitig can eat it kosher

    in reply to: Do we actually care about achdus? #1200544

    to add:

    EVERY PERSON in the world is convinced that their way of life is the correct way & everyone else is wrong (yes the reform think their judaism is correct & we think our frum way is correct just to give you an example etc…) & this happens in gashmius things too (my route to get there is quickest/safest & everyone elses way is not the safest etc…)

    in reply to: Do we actually care about achdus? #1200543

    Honest answer: NO

    The sinas chinam today is R”L worse then the days of the second bais Hamikdosh that was destroyed because of it, so how can we expect Mashiach to come if we can’t have achdus & come together as one loving nation? (on all levels from frum to reform to chasidish etc….)

    may we all finally become one loving nation again & do teshuva together so mashiach can come already

    in reply to: what is the best RESTERAUNT cholent* #1200617

    cholent at the kosel restaurant. located 2 blocks away from the westen wall in Israel.

    taste is best of a lifetime. miss it from when i had it when i was there

    in reply to: Davening Mincha and Maariv Together #1204768

    sure. it needs to be at shkia time.

    i.e. it can’t be a 1:45 lunch time mincha & then go straight to maariv. it needs to be a before shikia mincha followed by maariv after which might be early but its at least after shkia as long as later after its dark everyone in the minyan repeats krias shma.

    in reply to: At risk teen #1199989

    your parents will always love you no matter what the situation is. make your parents proud of your growth, rather its through a working job or an improvement in your yiddishkeit & growth etc…

    no i am not chabad

    Mashiach will come as soon as klal yisroel forms together as one loving nation & does teshuva like we did in the story of purim

    in reply to: At risk teen #1199987

    1)speak to your LOR for guidance

    2)find a friend with to learn daily together Chovos Halevovovs (duties if the heart) which they have in english too

    3)look at the positive of every situation & see the beauty of everything Hashem-our loving father-created

    in reply to: Making aliya now #1199965

    every person has their own reasons & values of making aliya. If you know the persons main reason he wants to move then you can assist him with some advice & chizzuk that you know which applies to his situation otherwise best to stay out of his way & remain silent

    in reply to: Thank you yeshiva world #1198214

    can yeshiva world please update their news department so that each newsletter has 2 links on the bottom-one for the next peice of news & one for the previous newsletter?

    thus making it more enjoyable & relaxing to read instead of going back & forth every minute in order to get to the next newsletter

    thank you

    in reply to: #1198111

    Facebook tumah website has brought millionS of yidden to divorces & intermarriage R”L you don’t need me to tell you this & it gets worse every day. well guess what that on the internet

    regarding taivos of kosher food. eating dinner out is one thing going to the restaurant to have a good kosher steak is going after your yetzer hara for things you desire…. so is it a tayva if you go on vacation every month versus once a year we all need a vacation were all humans.

    BOTTOM LINE: use the web for your NEEDS not for EXTRAS eat to have strength to get you through the day & serve Hashem not to look for excuses to run after your lchaim & expensive food

    in reply to: #1198105

    use the internet JUST FOR YOUR NEEDS (like email or to purchase something etc…) & REMOVE YOUR WANTS & DESIRES from the internet. leave your desires for food & other yetzer haras but NOT for the worst of all…. internet…. & what can C”V come from it…. (millions off the derech…. millions of divorces & intermarriages etc… no need to continue)

    start working on yourself today one step at a time.

    step 1: limit yourself to a amount of time slot max to use your computer each day.

    step 2: lower the time slot each month & you will see you will manage to take care of everything even though its less time then last month.


    in reply to: Talking to Hashem One on One #1198054

    the angels carry your tefillos to Hashem but they don’t interfere in your privacy with Hashem & see what you are davening for, that is between you & Hashem

    in reply to: What does it mean to be a real Jew? #1198067

    to focus on serving Hashem 24-7 in whichever way is best for you rather its learning torah or doing chessed etc…

    in reply to: A gadol on his own #1197918

    every gadol has at least 1 gabai. Now either this gabai will also do the shopping etc… or another person will get the zchus to serve the tzaddik with doing the home needed errands

    in reply to: 9-9-9-9 Tefillos #1196972

    all just pure corruption to get your gelt.

    Hashem listens to your tefillos 24-7 WHEN THEY COME FROM YOUR HEART with truth & sincerity & not just babbled flying through davening without knowing what the words even mean.

    Hashem listens even more on special occasions like yom kippur & other dates that have zechusim for certain types of tefillos like tu b’av for shidduchim tefillos etc…

    BUT THIS 9999 is just pure corruption

    in reply to: when do we start saying vsan tal umatar this year #1196794

    Sunday night

    in reply to: Shabbos tissues #1196855


    Lightbrite is correct. no tissues in boxes are connected they are just folded into each other forcing the next to come out.

    versus roles of toilet paper or paper towel which are legally & halachicly attached although they do have lines assigned to wrip it apart

    in reply to: Closing online business for Shabbos #1198506


    is B & H website unaccessible on shabbos like a frozen screen (i wouldnt know since im B”H A shomer shabbos yid)or are all orders that are made on shabbos just not placed as official orders until motzai shabbos?

    does their website freeze & leave a note to all visitors website is closed for sales now please return on sunday for your purchasing interests?

    in reply to: Closing online business for Shabbos #1198504

    im not a posek but i can tell you from a rav i asked-being that im in a business that deals on Shabbos-that as long as there is work towards that amazon sale or ecommerce needed to be done before Shabbos &/or after shabbos (posting the sale is done before shabbos, shipping & billing is done after shabbos upon completion of sale etc…) then it is fine.

    to add a note if you will say the 3 steps of 1)posting sale 2)selling it (on shabbos) & 3)billing & shipping is 3 separate things & the buying is only done on shabbos & a sale then you are incorrect. IT IS ALL ONE BIG JOB why? cause without posting you got no buyer, without buyer you have no billing or shipping work. thus it is all 1 job for everything involved in each order rather it is done before, after or on shabbos.

    still double check for yourself with your LOR but everything i wrote is from a LOR i asked regarding my business on shabbos

    in reply to: Why are you a religious/torah observant Jew? #1196473

    it is a zchus to be part of Hashems treasured nation & to serve the KING OF KINGS Hashem

    in reply to: Make sure before marrying #1196106

    children being taught about relationships while still in school would bring to girlfriends & boyfriends as kids & teenagers & can c”v bring to yichud & many other aveiros not allowed & the children not old enough to even know its not allowed.

    better safe then sorry to leave it out of them until its nogea & then get them ready for marriage

    in reply to: Divorce in the jewish community #1204415


    in which ways did you refer to the wives disrespect their husband? asking for more support or more money then they could afford for more fancy clothing?

    in reply to: Shabbos issues #1195999

    guess he is in a full suit & has 3 meals with challah every day & no telephone way to contact him?

    if so then show him you holding your phone & people in the street driving etc…

    in reply to: What is Leben? #1199453

    leben is thicker then yogurt but not as thick as pudding

    in reply to: Tefillin while teaching (No LH permitted please) #1195280


    Most shiurim that take place in shul like daf yomi or a weekly shiur are given BEFORE Shachris or mincha without tefillin on & then upon finishing learning everyone starting to put on tefillin.

    most AFTER learning shiurim are a quick 5 minute daily halacha shiur by the rav which when given is still considered part of davening & upon finishing the shiur someone says kaddish d’rabbanon

    in reply to: Tefillin while teaching (No LH permitted please) #1195274

    perhaps the Rabbi you saw just finished shachris & gives a shiur every morning. Or a Rosh Hayeshiva who is a role model & is very good for his talmidim to go directly from davening to giving a shiur without going to take off his tefillin between. to show there is no break between Hashem & torah

    in reply to: Why isn't ruby just called red sapphire? #1194861

    cause the name ruby makes it into a unique name for this kind of jewelry & makes it more valueable with its unique name

    in reply to: Are foods we liked as kids have the same "geshmak" when we grow up? #1194848


    so start eating it again & it will be totally new & very enjoyable

    in reply to: The Death of the "Normal" Minyan #1196454

    lots of the reason why davening is shorter is because there is no Rabbi currently davening with them so they don’t have that waiting for the rav time & therefore finish earlier.

    in reply to: Are foods we liked as kids have the same "geshmak" when we grow up? #1194842

    after you have eaten certain foods for so many years your appreciation for its amazing taste & specialty doesn’t feel so special & unique anymore (as does anything, the more often you have it the less special it is & soon it becomes daily & loses its specialness) many people set aside special snacks for their children only for shabbos & other special times so that for chicnuch your children should look forward to the shabbos & the treats it comes with & it always remains special due to only getting it once a week

    the way you feel is what we call THE HUMAN NATURE OF TAKING THINGS FOR GRANTED & this a human being can’t be blamed for, it automatically happens naturally due to having it often. but you can make it special again by stopping to eat it or use it everyday & only use it certain times & less often

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