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    BTW – for all those that want all the stories in chronological order – you can set this as your homepage http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/article.php/

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    We did – it used to be 1 minute – now it’s five.

    While there was “only” 1 abuser (which is 1 too many), there many posts from many more people that got deleted after they went up. Even if someone isn’t “abusing” the system, many people posts things that are inappropriate that we don’t want appearing.

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    Volvie – it’s a catch 22

    There are many times (especially for certain posters) that we don’t want to approve a post while it is still editable for obvious reasons. We approve what we see not what you may change it to. So we wont click approve on those posts until after the edit window passes. However, the longer that is the longer we can’t approve it for. While, yes, there are times that it’s a lot longer then 5 min it takes to get the post up, there are plenty times that it’s much less then 5 min.

    So – the longer the edit window is – the longer it’ll take to get posts approved.

    (DO I make any sense to you? That was written very poorly)

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    80 – The frist and lsat ltetres need to be in the rghit pclae.

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    Being the fact that I’ve been modding for close to two years now, I’m sorry to say that my birthday did come around (at least once).

    (I even had this account for over a year – when we started giving out #’s in December of 08.)

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    I never got your birthday wishes……

    Oh wait a second…. are you the guys I have a restraining order on? 🙂

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    OK fine – 28

    in reply to: Welcome YW Moderator-105 #671644

    Joseph –

    You never cease to entertain me!

    in reply to: Welcome YW Moderator-77 #669162

    bein_hasdorim –

    Yea – Why do you think 77 was the next number given out?

    That was pashut.

    in reply to: Welcome YW Moderator-77 #669149

    I’m sorry. We don’t really answer those questions.

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    BP Totty –

    The first thread you responded to was A Theory Made of Water Vapor your comment is over here http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/a-theory-made-of-water-vapor#post-80365

    in reply to: Ta’aruvos in YWN Coffee Room? #667726

    jphone –

    For all we know, there is plenty of flirting and 95% of what is submitted, never makes it online (it seems like 95% of the things I write, never make it online either!).


    Are you a mod or something?

    The only thing you can know is your items and the people you know that told you. That may be 95%.

    Have you ever heard of projection?

    In classical psychology, projection is always seen as a defense mechanism that occurs when a person’s own unacceptable or threatening feelings are repressed and then attributed to someone else.

    in reply to: How Long Have You Been Part of the YWN Coffee Room? #719256

    I’ve been here since before it started. (It started around June 08.) I originally put in some of the categories and started some of the first conversations. (I remember when before there was a

    I first started modding under my CR Screen Name. Then when we decided that I should post as a mod, I started modding under ywmoderator. When we got past just a couple of mods, we decided that we should all have separate screen names (at my suggestion). That’s when I switched to YW Moderator-99.

    I started to get involved with Yeshiva World in late 2006 early 2007. So I’ve been involved for about 3 years now.

    in reply to: Chanukah 5770 #911011

    I wish I was still sleeping.

    We will have to see. I’m going out of town for Shabbos Chanuka so lets see what they got!

    in reply to: Single Malt Scotch #2 #662765

    Y.W. Editor –

    I love you man, but I have to strongly disagree with you.

    A nice shot of single malt scotch is better then any bourbon I’ve ever tasted. (IMHO)

    But as they say, you can’t argue about taste.

    IY”H we should make a L’chayim at each others simchas and I’ll bring you bourbon if you bring me scotch!

    in reply to: Shidduchim and Commitment #647854

    It’s a real shame that this thread, which makes a very good point, is on the verge of getting shut down due to a poster who insists on changing the topic to a topic that was discussed in great length elsewhere in the CR as has since been closed.

    Consider yourself warned AZ.

    in reply to: Story Tapes #1118344

    mepal –

    It’s from back on page 1 of this thread


    in reply to: New Mods! Yay! (81 and 13 and 36) #831729

    This was one of the busiest days at YWN headquarters.

    The Coffee Room floor was buzzing like a beehive at a football game.

    Can I go home? It’s 5:00.

    Oh yea – we are open 24/6

    in reply to: New Mods! Yay! (81 and 13 and 36) #831723

    And #3 for today is

    YW Moderator-36


    in reply to: New Mods! Yay! (81 and 13 and 36) #831707

    Hey 81 – you did – right after the graduation.

    How could you not remember?

    Wait…. Did someone spike your coffee or was that really just a water bottle?

    in reply to: New Mods! Yay! (81 and 13 and 36) #831702

    We just added our second mod of the latest graduating class

    YW Moderator-13 – welcome to the CR Mod team!

    in reply to: New Mods! Yay! (81 and 13 and 36) #831666

    No, 39 – we’re gonna keep that your job for the time being. We need 81 to clean up his desk from all the garbage that 86 left.

    in reply to: Mother’s Day #1076434

    Oh you know he never calls us. He always is stuck on his computer all day.

    Ames, don’t be so concerned about it.

    in reply to: Lessons in Language Arts #668929

    I luv this thred.

    S/t when i c spling mstakes, i rofl!


    in reply to: Is Joseph a Moderator? #871845

    I had to face the disciplinary board once, wow that wasn’t pretty!

    It was fun for me though. I was the Shliach Beis Din 🙂 — YW Moderator – Joseph

    in reply to: Frum Girls Dancing on the Dance Dance Revolution at Arcades #689251

    Plum! Prune!

    It’s all the same

    What’s the difference between one vegetable and another?

    in reply to: Frum Girls Dancing on the Dance Dance Revolution at Arcades #689243


    Come on – you think I don’t know that? I WROTE THE RULE BOOK with the editor. (Ok he wrote it and I looked it over and made revisions. But I definitely know the book well.) Oh yea, I also enforce the rules.

    Charlie said pass the bourbon. I replied we only serve coffee here. Which is true. You can drink other beverages if you follow the guidelines, however, we don’t serve them. (That’s why we have to go downstairs to the news floor to get to the water cooler.)

    And alcohol is certainly not permitted.

    And about your prune juice, uhh, I don’t know how to say this nicely, but could you put a lid on that cup? It kinda make the room smell. Sorry and thanks!

    in reply to: Frum Girls Dancing on the Dance Dance Revolution at Arcades #689240

    Charlie, we only serve coffee in here.

    The editor doesn’t like us drinking alcohol while modding. (He said trust me – I know it’s a good idea. Not sure what he meant by that. Wtvr)

    When we get a little crazy and need some alcohol I sneak some in, but it’s strictly Single Malt Scotch. Nothing else. So we can’t pass the bourbon. (Oh and don’t tell the editor about sneaking in the scotch part. Thanks)

    in reply to: Who’s Your Favorite for Moderator? #653234

    Yea – What did happen to 99?

    in reply to: General Shmooze 2 #677102

    oops – I completely forgot.

    Squeak – drop me an email at moderator99 at TheYeshivaWorld.com

    in reply to: Chofetz Chaim: It's not just a Yeshiva. It's a way of life. #989119

    coke not pepsi –

    The joke is that they “learn” 1 blatt a zman as opposed to other Yeshivas that don’t “learn” even 1?

    Uh oh! Fellow mods – please don’t delete this – lol

    in reply to: Welcome YW Moderator-39 #639130

    qwertyuiop –

    🙂 I actually fell asleep at the moderation desk and the editor was too nice to wake me (although I won’t say he didn’t try), so he started the thread. I however was the one who did the recruiting, background check and the grueling examination, then we sent him off for his physical and then when he was ready to be announced and everything was in place – I conk out! I didn’t even eat sufganiyot. 🙁 Oh well. I’ll get the next one.

    in reply to: 3 Boys in Japan #656167

    Someone emailed Yeshiva World News asking us to post this.

    I would appreciate if you can please post a notice that we are organizing that 1,000 times tehillim should iyh be completed this coming Wednesday, Feb 4 for the boys in Japan. The trial is currently in the final process for one of the boys, YOSEF BEN ITA RIVKA however please also have in mind the other two boys, YOEL ZEV BEN MIREL RISA CHAVA and YAKOV YOSEF BEN RAYZEL. Please join by either taking a Yom or complete a group. Please call either 718-853-6786 or 718-853-0104 to let us know what you can do. We should her Besuros Tovos Bekarov!

    in reply to: Post Here – So We Know You’re In The CR #903791

    You have to be 18 to start a thread – 🙂 lol

    in reply to: Good Shabbos! #1135453

    No one pulls rank over me. 72 can pull rank over all the mods except for me.

    The only one who can pull rank over me is Y.W. Editor.

    (I feel so powerful.)

    I should really delete this post as it’s completely off topic.

    in reply to: Smoking vs. Bochurim on the Internet #638833


    Implying that Rabbonim make decisions with out reviewing them at all or knowing what they are talking about is called bashing.

    Secondly, I am NOT the arbitrator of what is “anti-torah” – the torah is. And I did bother to actually read and understand your comment. All 3 times that you posted it. Not only that, I actually discussed it with another moderator and we both agreed that it absolutely can’t be posted.

    And if you happen not to like our posting decision making, there are plenty of web-sites out there that will post anything you give it. Please feel free to go there.

    in reply to: Meaningful Conversations #635431

    Thank you Wikipedia, otherwise known as………..xoxo

    in reply to: A Humorous Item #1172095
    in reply to: New And Returning Members! #855056

    ames –

    I happen to have been a moderator from day 1 – but I was talking as a general rule.

    in reply to: New And Returning Members! #855045

    It’s plenty addicting for the mods as well – once you become a mod – it’s so much more addicting.


    in reply to: Daven With A Hat BeYichidus or Without it with a Minyan #1081945

    Focus people focus.

    Let’s keep this on topic.

    in reply to: Welcome YW Moderator-21 and YW Moderator-25 #1213820

    No need to complain we could slow it down.


    in reply to: Revealing Personal Info in the CR #633962

    Charlie –

    We here at the YW Coffee Room completely agree with your statement. Over the last few days we were all discussing a way of putting an end to this. We spent a lot of time working on a list of rules for the CR and we are in the process of finalizing them. They will be posted shortly.

    Thank you for expressing your feelings on this matter. We look forward to seeing many more posts from you.

    in reply to: Random Questions #1078748

    And the winner is…….. squeak!

    12 minutes after it was opened!


    I will contact you later in regards to your prize.

    Not tonight.

    in reply to: How can we help people who need jobs? #684783

    Plese check out the Yeshiva World Classifieds http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/classifieds/ which can help you out on this.

    in reply to: Random Questions 2 #631465

    Look at the 999th post for a cool contest!

    Look at the 999th post for a cool contest!

    in reply to: Random Questions #1078744

    Have a good night!


    The field for posts in any given thread is only 3 digits. I don’t want to crash the servers. – JK

    We worked too hard keeping up with all the posts, we need a little nap. This thread will randomly open at some point tomorrow. The first to post (the 1,000th post) might possibly win a secret prize. Don’t ask me what it is because I have no clue. I have to rummage around in the YWN’s office attic through tons of old paraphernalia.


    in reply to: Mods, Who Are Your Favorite Posters? #831825

    YW Moderator-99 is by far my favorite poster. When he has time to post that is!

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