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    Shlomo 2


    Full marks

    That is the sevara of many of the matirim – -led by Maran the Tchebiner Rov


    Thansk for the source – I had no idea where to look

    Shlomo 2

    Many many poskim forbid it – including the Minchas Yitzchok, The Grit Weiss, Rav Elyashiv, and Rav Chaim Kanievsky

    yibodel lechiam tovim R’ Moshe Shtrenbuch, R’ Dovid Morgenstern, and R’ Yitzchok Berkowitz shlit”a

    There are matirim, and there many who view it as a suitable chumra rather than ikar hadin

    but generators are very very nafutz

    The Chaon Ish also forbade water – which is pumped through an electric pump, but I think he is virtaully a da’as Yochid on that, and outside B’nei B’rak few are machmir.

    The Israeli coalition agreements included a clause to ensure no one prevents generators – which could prevent chareidim from settling in new areas etc ….

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    Shimon Nodel

    still have not understood your pint

    Take London, for instance, or the coastal plain in the Gush Dan area

    These places are near the sea.

    Environmentalists insist that in FORTY years present day London will be under water.

    Were the sea to have been the height it is today it should have flooded the Roman city of Londonium

    Ditto for the ruins of Acco, Ceaseria and Yaffo

    And the Netherlands needed dykes to protect from rising sea levels 500 years ago, but before that they were good to go.

    כל הנ”ל מורה שפני הים עלה הרבה במשך השנים, אלא שברוב מקומות פני היבשה גם עלה – כמובן על פי ההרים וגבעות שנבראו מששת ימי בראישת,

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    What in the world does this have to with flat world theory? ? ? ?

    The Yerushalmi in Avoda Zoro clearly states that the world is round

    Gravity pulls towards the center of the sphere, so my theory stands true [lichoira]

    All decay and rubble pile up on Mother Earth

    Were water levels to have been 2000 years ago at the height they are today, they would have flooded London, etc …..

    I’ve yet to see a sensible response either explaining where i went wrong, or why the cities of yore did not flood over

    Waiting to hear from all you guys


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    le’maaseh ocean levels are rising

    Whether from melting ice floes or some new rain vais ich nisht

    BTW I am serious, but i know nothing at all about any of the sugyas involved.

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    At least three of the Chazon Ish’s inner circle wrote memoirs

    1) In their shadow By Rabbi S Lorincz

    2) Maasei Ish from HaGaon HaGadol R’ Aron Yehaya Rooter – the Shaarei Aaron slit”a

    3) HaGaon HaGadol R’ Elyokim Shlesinger Rosh Yehsivos HaRomoh of London.

    There are probably many many more plus numerous biographies, plus numerous seforim written on either side of the great electricity debate

    I have “in their Shadow” which although makes mention of the Chazon Ish’s opinion and writes that the Chilul Hashem greatly greatly pained him; nonetheless he does not specifically mention the quote.

    I was wondering if anyone of the many quoters on the site have access to any the biographies or seforim on the subject and can tell the source.

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    Hello guys

    I’m back – only until tomorrow

    I’m a wee bit disappointed – I thought we had all passed this stage.

    But if anyone has ever been upset with me or any of my posts I humbly ask mechila.

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    I bear no responsibility or any opinions expressed on this forum.

    As written in my previous post there were 670,000 votes for the frum parties -these are all tax paying voting, etc …..

    There are another massive amount of non-voters, some of who are serious kana’im. Mny estimates suggest that there 100,000 plus.

    The role of education and business needs more serious discussion. there are many many points that need discussing, maybe a different thread

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    Neither are next to the mir, both are a five minute walk. They definitely should have taken the mir into account – it’s the biggest place in ….

    The light rail might be a solution HOWEVER they admit themselves that they planned it when the city population was FIVE million, and they do not expect it to be ready before the city hits TEN million.
    Leaving the protests out, the entire Bar ilan / yinrmiyahu is steadilt ebing renovated with high rise buildings, as is the parrallel Rechov Petach Tikva, and the population in these places is tripling – and these people are primarily car owners.

    Taking into account transpratation needs of a major part of the population should be a basic requirement for any governemtn.

    really sorry if I wrote anything hurtful, please be moichel.

    Chareidim currently consist of 12% of voters, there are widely considered to be three more seats of approx 30- 40,000 votes. [Eitz, Chutnikim, and Yerushalmi] although this cannot be proven. Additioanlly over 25 % of underage citizens are enrolled in chareidi education. It’s still 17 or 18% rather than the twenty I quoted.
    My own opinion, and opening post was based on a simple premise that helping the transporattion system will benefit everyone.

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    takah mamash

    I honestly believe that the basic investment will pay off, both in local productivity and in tourism

    Anyway, how much would it cost to install a light rail station near the mir – the train passes there anywhere, and luggage carts on the train system They are nayway building a one lane road to Ramat Shlomo, how much extra does a two lane road cost

    They invested a fortune in widening the highway no 1 from two lanes to three – it would have SAVED money long term to go straight to four lanes, instead of redoing it again in five years.

    UJM, the ministers approach the government as schnorrers rather than as partners, like the holy tanna R’ Yochanan asked Vespanian, they ask for יבנה וחכמיה plea for a no increase in חילול שבת chalila, and ask for kosher phones and kashrus and yuchsin.

    These things really need doing, but R’ Gershon shlit”a gave strict instructions that רוחניות overrides גשמיות

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    The people involved on undoubtedly Jewish

    The ideals are undoubtedly un-Jewish

    To me it reminds me of communism and Zionism etc ….

    Except that they wear the same levush as frum jews do,

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    Sorry no mesroah

    who are the “Except for those who did not join in forbidding technology.”

    Who are you quoting?

    There is literally wall to wall consensus here about technology and phones.

    No one is denying a problem, but YWN is still reporting fake news. Rather than stressing that treif is forbidden and castigating those who run a non kosher store in a frum area they are focusing on a very small fringe and making the idea of Kosher phones sound like a bizzare and outplaced chumra that only a few keep.

    in reply to: What really needs doing in E. Israel #2159627

    Shimon Nodel @ YWN coffeeroom

    I am not under the illusion that only chareidim exist

    I am under the extremely true fact that many many people Charedim and otherwise would benefit massively from easier access on the main roads and interstate highways and everyone would gain tremendously if Teveria, Beit She’an and Ashdod would be far more accessible – all three are major cities.

    Additionally, like it or not, 20 or 25 % of the country are chareidim, and 50% of immigrants and 70 % of tourists. They say a rising tide lifts all boats, surely basic infrastructure to benefit a massive part of the population and tourists will benefit anyone.

    In fact, with respect, you seem to be under an illusion in assuming – as the previous government did- that ignoring Chareidi needs will help the rest of the population. In fact in is remarkably non sensical to imagine that denying chareidim basic infrastructure helps anyone at all.

    The biggest illusion is imagining that Charedim are treated as equal citizens. There is no other settlement the size of Kiryat Sefer which can only be accessed by a one lane road.

    Let’s not forget with all of Lapid’s noise about non working chareidim, allowing more access to housing jobs and education – and allowing more to reach and benefit from home based businesses and services will undoubtedly help everyone.

    One additional idea that I forgot to mention:
    On the red line of the light rail a stop outside Zevill – Mir would benefit everyone. Although many people exist besides for charedim, the fact that five thousand plus learn nad work around the mir surely requires some basic consideration.


    There is a lot going on here.

    The suggestion that the Mufti developed his hatred for Jews due to the Zionists has definitely been claimed – but has it been proven?

    De Haan’s murder was a tragedy – as was the actions of many of the Zionist leaders during WWII. nothing ca justify this.

    The Zionist leadership bear responsibility for shmading thousands of children, war survivors, eastern immigrants etc..

    Nonetheless a non frum Jew today is far far better off in E Israel -or even the parts that are definitely chu”l such as Eilat – than a non frum Jew in America, has far more chance of his children marrying Jews, being able to read from a siddur, occasionally going to shul
    Although this was not the Zionist intent nonetheless there is an element of truth in this.

    What if questions are unlimited …. I mean what if Achashverosh had not married Esther?

    The Satmar rov was convinced that if not for Zionism mashiach would have long been here; he viewed them as responsible for the holocaust and lack of redemption afterwards.

    Nonetheless, it is possible that if for the aspirations to establish a state there would have been unlimited Jewish immigration, and in turn thousands of lives may have been saved, on the one hand it was undoubtedly orchestrated by God himself; nonetheless there might be Divine Retribution for those who played a role.

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    Don’t get this

    If I’m the last poster why is my name not on the list.

    in reply to: Quick Quote from Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan (ZTL ZYA) #2159402

    Our Rebbi R’ Matissyohu Salomon lirefuah sheleima has been stressing the basic idea that we are not safe anywhere for many many years.

    In fact the night before 9/11 he stressed that even in Central Manhattan no one has nay assurances.

    The Mashgiach in Manchester used to base his shmooze on this topic on tehillim 139

    in reply to: Taxes in Eretz Yisroel #2159404

    There is a much simpler simpler problem with Israeli taxes

    They are simply way way too high

    Unbelievably, some basic Israeli products cost less abroad than in Israel due to the high VAT …

    in reply to: Aryeh Deri #2159405

    Back to R’ Aryeh Deri

    1) Nave Deromi – a major Israeli journalist who writes for the left leaning Ha’Aretz, and other outlets expressed clearly thta which everyone knows, that the ONLY reason Deri was not allowed to be a minister was due to him being part of a right wing government – in fact despite his indictment both Lapid and Gantz had clearly expressed to sit in government with him.

    2) Deri was NEVER indicted. – at least not this time round. Simple fact. He entered a plea bargain to save himself and everyone else time.

    3) The “bargain” included something totally bizarre and unheard of in any other country.
    Rather than a monetary fine or communal service, the bargain was clinched on Deri resigning from the government. A similar arrangement was made with Rabbi Litzman. This cannot be described as a penalty, it is simply a wat for a judge to say if you give me what i want I will give you what you want.

    4) The plea deal clearly specified that it was only in place for that government, there has since been elections, and the plea deal is undoubtedly over.

    5) The K’nesset has at no stage passed a law preventing even a convicted criminal serving as a minister, this “PSEUDO-LAW” was INVENTED by the courts during Deri’s previous troubles.

    6) By this stage even the left leaning Lapid and President Herzog has given up denying that the court is way to big for its own boots, they simply suggest that a bi-partisan committee get involved.
    It is the only the extreme left Merav Micha’eli etc… who are still insisting that no reform is necessary.

    7) Even the Obama nominee Elana Kagan was forced to declare her lack of respect for Aharon Barack views before her confirmation.

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    Guys guys guys

    let’s set a few thing straight

    1) there is undoubtedly a point that boys are delaying marriage to learn in e”y

    2) There is undoubtedly a tremendous amount to gain by learning in e”y, both in terms of intensity, in terms of hashkapha, and in terms of kodshim

    Both points are true.

    Does anyone have a solution to these two points to try and fix things?

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    what is going on here?

    R’ Ovadia was tremendously tremendously tremendously great.

    He was entitled to his own opinion’s and hashkapha,

    he was Sephardi, and very very proud of it.

    Shas follows his opinions.

    How can you be more sephardi?

    BTW, his opinion’s on the state were based on a very thorough understanding of the Torah, of the mindset of the present day zionists, and a very very very honest will to do what Hashem genuinely wants.

    in reply to: POR’s comment #2136720


    You are entitled to disagree with me

    You are also entitled to suggest that i have misunderstood Ma’aneh Chacham

    However, i politely suggest that you read it first and then comment.

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    One of my groisse rebbeim HaGaon R’ Matisyohu Salomon once cried in a shmuz on Parshas Ki Teitsei וואס האט מען אופגעטאהן אז מעאן האבען גאראאוטעוועט ילדי טהרן אונד זיי אללע אוףגעשמדט?

    Hiw basis was ben sorer u’moire, where the Torah clearly says it is better for him to die.

    So i think my rebbi felt that t would have been better for them to have stayed in Arab lands.

    in reply to: the zeide R’ zushe #2119187


    I live here in E”Y and don’t know much about cars. Private cars don’t really exist

    Whichever car he had, which i assume was nice, has been transferred to R’ Moshe Sternbuch.

    I assume neither R’ Chayim nor R’ moshe knew the make of the car.

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    i am sorry to hear

    a yid should never refer to another yid with that language

    in reply to: True story #2119185

    “This has got to be the most disturbing posts you have ever written. You have no business teaching.”

    Sorry s’yag I dont teach …. I definitely wouldn’t confiscate shoes …. I have way too much trauma

    Yes, the kid asked mehcila, and he was old enough to understand.

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    common saychel



    איככה אוכל וראיתי ברעה אשר נצא את עמי איככה אוכל וראיתי באובדן את עמי

    the topic under discussion is too great,

    גדול המחטיאו יותר מההורגו

    AAQ : I hear your point however אין הנידון דומה לראה

    It’s more like celebrating the driver who drove the trains to the concentration camps since a few people survived while no one survived the liquidation of the ghetto?

    Gadol Hador : cancel culture? cancel culture?

    Since when is recognizing the mass spiritual holocaust deliberately brought about by the Zionist entity cancel culture?

    And by the way the Jews lived and in RELATIVE peace in yemen, in syria, in morroco and in bagdhad and in Cairo. Obviously it was far far from perfect but things deteriorated after the Zionists became involved. the 1929 massacre was a direct response to a Beitar march a week earlier.

    Come on, whose invoking cancel culture and who is cancelling facts and intentions.

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    Kuvult I hear your point


    1) You cannot compare this ti regular rescue efforts. The Zionists were literally סןף מעשה במחשבה תחילה to destroy these people’s religion

    2) I am talking this person’s heroism per se.

    My thought was that today the papers shouldn’t be respecting someone who played a massive part in such a thing.

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    What’s congodulated?

    I am not debating the kefira of lapid or למעלה B G or Zev J etc…

    I still think that the comment quoted from Lapid just refers tothe fact that after all the hashkaphos of Jews especially [not only] unfrum reflects that of the Non Jews.

    The years when Zionism peaked many other countries demanded their independence too.

    However Galon had clearly expressed that
    a) there is no difference between a Jew na dNon Jew chas ve’shalmo
    b) she misunderstands the right as only caring and wanting themselves, while in fact ther are based on realising the maalas of am yisroel and eretz yisroel

    in reply to: the zeide R’ zushe #2118964

    The point of the zaide zatzal was that the SUV is not maileh or moirid

    It’s the person

    If on eis not machshiv the person when he is by himself

    then don’t be machshiv the SUV either

    If the gavra is really worth while thne it is a different stroy

    R’ Chayim’s SUV was forwarded to R’ Moshe Shternbuch

    in reply to: Derech Emuna settlement #2118722

    Spot on

    beruhcim haba’im

    always good to have new people on here

    I do not think the gedolim you mention believed in reishis tzemichas goluseinu

    however one must bear in mind that the geula definitely did not need the state.

    that much is very very simple

    Perhaps they felt that Jewish nationalism on a small part of the land was a manifestation of the various havtachos.

    in reply to: Derech Emuna settlement #2118661

    y1836 Thanks very much.

    I thought of them, and of R’ Aryeh Levin


    I am seriously not suitable to discuss people – on both sides of the fence – who are light years greater than me. Obviously if something was said that it clearly neged the toira then it is wrong. The point I was making was that Rav Kook was respected tremendously during his lifetime, and at least in terms of encouraging mitzvos hatluyos ba’aretz played a massive role that it felt until today.

    I genuinely don’t know about Rav Hutner. I’m from the UK and have merited to live for many years in e”y bs”d. My quotes are based on things I heard from elderly people in Yerushalayim including the Auerbach family

    Concerning Maran R’ Shlomo Zalman, a grandchild told me:

    a) he was mechabed Rav Kook with sandaka’us for his first son – during the lifetime of his father and shver, both of whom were gedolim in their own rights. [When the eitz party started, the joke was that both HaGaon R’ Shmuel and HaGaon R’ Dov Tzvi Karelenstein, [ben HaGaon R’ Yerucham Fishel] had the same sandak, but as you write, I digress.]

    b) he stayed in his shiur a second year, although his father R’ Chayim Leib was reluctant about the idea.

    c) he had a picture on his wall, I think the only not family picture.

    d) he was aware of the reluctance of those that surrounded him with Rav kook – in fact the sefer me’oirei Eish was not republished, since he insisted on Rav kook’s hascama being printed, while the family felt very strongly that it shouldn’t be printed.

    e) by R’ shlomo’s Zalman’s petira and shiva some wanted to take the picture down, but in the end they left it in place.

    Concerning מרן הגרי”ש אלישיב

    a) the comment was readily repeated during the “ליבה” story. I assume if you check any Israeli news website from that period you will find it. it was about fifteen years ago. The gadol in question was Maran R’ Aharon Leib.

    b) Although R’ Elyashiv learnt by himself he considered R’ Hirsh Pesach – his wife’s uncle – a primary force and influence on his life, and i understood [again from one the Auerbach’s] that this included RESPECT [not acceptance] for HaRav Kook.

    HaGaon Rav Elchanan was an exception in his generation – he was literally the only visiting rosh yehsiva not to speak in RIETS. His views, and those of R’ Aharon Kotler are very very well known, and were expressed clearly at the k’nessia gedola, however they are not the majority. My only point was that people have misconstrued the mainstream view and even people who do not necessarily consider themselves adherents of R’ Elchanan’s extensive views seem to think that Rav Kook is a pariah.

    Older people have mentioned about Rav Hutner with Rav Kook, and a much younger protege R’ Sholom Schwadron. Again, an older person told me that today the world thinks of Pachad Yitzchok, and the sefer machshava, they perhaps heard of the tisch and the spodik, but they have forgotten the colorful character, the “cheftza” and the charifus that made Rav Hutner stand out when the Chevron yeshiva came to Yerushalaim. [it may have changed, I am not debating that possibilty]

    Ziknei Yerushalayim also told me that the Brisker rov was reluctant to talk about Rav Kook or Rav Herzog. He discouraged people from directing big questions to them and was disappointed when someone suggested that he be machriya the question about the dateline. All in all The Brisker Rav had a pachad of establishing the Rabbanut as the senior beis din, with his wisdom and foresight he realized that it would not necessarily always be led by talmdei chachomim.

    R’ Elyakim Schlesinger is rosh yeshivas Haromo in London, not lucerne. Rav koppelman zatza”l was Rosh yeshiva in Lucern and was a talmid of R’ shimon shkop and was מעמיד תלמיידם לאלפים

    Rav Schlesinger’s yeshiva is very very small. primarily family and a few followers. He is a talmid of the Brisker Rov and the Gramad, but in beis brisk his version of events is not considered completely accurate. He is known as a tremendous tremendous kana’i, and is a nephew of the legendary R; Amram Blau – son in law of his brother R’ Moshe who was poisoned by the Zionists.

    There is a brilliant book that is written by someone more mainstream, In their shadow By Rabbi Lorinz, he received beautiful haskamos from many gedolim and really really had an insider’s view.
    He clearly lays out the anti Zionist stance, and the feeling of despair Toira Jewry felt, but steers clear of criticizing Rav Kook or Herzog.

    I have lived in ge’ula and spent hours in conversation with people who gave me the impression as being close to the main players, and this is my impression.

    Finally R’ Chayim Brim related the following.
    R’ Chayim Greinaman was a son in law in yerushalayim and for a short time lived in the kerem neighborhood, where his first child was born. He was mechabed the hailige Chazon Ish with sandaka’us, It was one the only occasions that the Chazon Ish came to yerushalyim.
    The Cישzon Ish came to visit the Brisker Rov – it seems this was of the very few occasions that they met. they discussed things for a while.

    After they left, the Chazon Ish commented the brisker rov has good eyesight, he can see ramifications thirty years ahead.
    The Brisker rov said the Chazon Ish has koichois, I wouldn’t consider uprooting the trees he sets out to uproot.

    [The Gramad – then a bochur of 30+ – was present and remained very quiet. The Chazon Ish later commented די בריסקר רב האט א זון וואס איז א מלאך, נישט קיין מענטש.]

    והמבין יבין

    in reply to: The coffee room is ussor and I’m trying to make sure people chap #2118552

    סימן טוב ומזל טוב

    I have been wondering about this topic for years.

    OK – I only come on bein hazemanim, maybe that makes a difference?

    I am stum wondering about the whole anonymous issue

    I find people’s opinions much easier to approach if I know that they know about the sugya etc … have a specific view etc ….

    I’d love there to be some basic info about people, background, location, experience ….

    in reply to: Derech Emuna settlement #2118481

    This fellow told me that he was a child no one, no one debated Rav Kook’s gadlus,

    Everyone knew that before one shemiita R’ Yosef Chayim Sonnenfeld, Rav A Y Kook and Rav Moshe Kliers- then recognized as the three senior gedolim in e”y traveled extensively to be mechazek kiyum shemiita. Their journey had an effect for years.

    R’ Shlomo Zalman published me’oirei ha’eish at an extremely young age with two haskamos, R’ Chayim Ozer and Rav Kook, and refused to allow it republished without Rav Kook’s Haskama. He also had a picture on his wall of his rebbi muvhak, Rav Kook.

    The Tzitz Eliezer also published with two haskamos, The hailige Marcheshes, and HaRav Kook.

    Rav Yitzchok hutner zatzakal spent time in yerushalyim as a slobodka / chevron talmid, and viewed himself privileged to have to spend time with Rav Kook, and discussed with him sugyas in Nazir. [till today Rav hutner’s he’arois written on Nazir and Rabbeinu Hillel’s pirush on toras Kohanim are used by those learning those sugyas, and were wirtten during this tekufa.

    On one occasion some mehsuga’im went around yerushalayim writing graffiti that a certain odom godol = Kook. Greatly disappointed the askanim came to the z’kan hador, the demi-super centenarian R’ Elyashiv and vented to him about this graffiti.
    R’ Elyashiv’s response “איך האב געווווסט אז ער איז גאר גאר גרויס, אבער איך האב נישט געכאפט עד כדי כך” – Ich hob gevust az er is gor gor grois, ober ich hob nisht gevust ad k’dai Kach. And R’ Elyashiv was not known for exaggerating.

    The same person told me that as long as Rav Kook and Rav Herzog were Rav HaRoshi the Brisker Rov respected them as talmidei chachomim. [Not thier hashkaphos, not did he encourage big shailos to be brought to them, however he recognized their scholarship.] Only after Rav Herzog’s petira with the installment of —– did this change. And the Brisker Rav was not known as a proponent of Zionism.

    Today’s generation believe Rav Kook was some sort of unrespected zionistic messianistic pariah, however, in truth his gadlus was recognized during his lifetime and many mainstream gedolim considered themselves privileged to have been his talmidim.

    in reply to: Derech Emuna settlement #2118359

    Many points can bedated about הגרא”י קוק זצוק”ל

    first of all he was a greater talmid chacham than any of the posters on here

    Second the Imrei Emes famoiusly said “אהבה מקלקלת את השורה”
    In my limited understanding that means that his motives were pure and stemmed from a good place

    If he said that soccer players in e”y are better than talmidei chachomim abroad etc … it is obviously not da’as torah

    An older person told me that one thing the kana’im achieved was to change tje public view of הגרא”י, in his lifetime he was viewed far more favorably, yet today even those who do not accept or even admire the Satmar viewpoint has far less respect for him.

    in reply to: Roshei Hayeshiva #2118033

    הרב אברהם גורביץ שליט”א, מחבר ספר ענפי ארז

    in reply to: Derech Emuna settlement #2117948

    Hey, you guys are actually onto the right idea.

    The Brisker Rov is also believed to have felt that aliya is not necessarily for the masses

    His son the Gramad nonetheless felt that once a yungerman lives in e”y he may have dinim of Ossur Lotzeis

    HaGaon R’ Moshe shtrernbuch shlit”a met R’ Mordche Pogremansky in France on his way to e”y as a bochur, R’ Mordche told he is crazy for going to to e”y, if he would be masig what one lashon hara in e”y does he wouldn’t come.

    The Cahzon Ish discouraged my grandfather form moving to e”y in 1949, however the concerns he raised were more practical.

    As far as i understood the Satmar rov suggested that there is no mitzva of living in e”y today so theoretically there would be little reason to do aliya. The proportion of Satmarreres who settle in e”y is way way way less than Stoliner’s for instance. Additionally, unlike Gur or Belz they do not have any reason to come for yomim noraim or simchas – automatically less connection to e”y and their relatives there, less likely for the kids to settle far from parents etc …

    The Satmat kehilla in e”y include a small amount of yerushalaymers who accepted the Satmar rov during his stay in e”y, [despite his stance on yishuv ha’aretz and shkiya, two biggies by them ] a group from various eastern countries who escaped the state’s proselytisation and became very very anti and joined a satmar, even putting on the levush, and a number of US olim.

    Although the batei midrashim are thriving, it shows Satmar’s generosity, the oilam joke that they have the best bathrooms and cooffee in Ge’ula and mercaz b’nei B’rak …..

    The mosdos are smaller, one cheder in B’nei B’rak [R’ Aron] which is not limited to their kehiila only, and two sets of boys and girls mosdos in yerushalaiyim.

    in reply to: Derech Emuna settlement #2117866


    dis no fair

    no fair at all

    me started dis thread

    and everyone ignorin’ me and me posts and me subjects

    in reply to: Derech Emuna settlement #2117520

    Avira D’ara

    the hailige satamr rov indeed quotes many sources first and primarily the Rambam.

    However, he bases himslef on sefer hamitzvos.

    The Rambam in hilchos melochim clearly writes OSSUR LOTZEIS [not codified in shulchan Oruch]

    In hilchos Shabbos he is matir amira le’acum for yishuv ha’aretz, and does not differentiate between earlier times and today. [codified in Shulchna Oruch, somewhat limited by the rema based on the Ohr Zarua]

    Moreinu R’ Yaakov Rosenheim testifeid that prior to the Satmar rov’s departure from e”y he visited both the Griz and the hailige chazon Ish to express his opinion that one may no live in a land of resha’im, and there is no mitzva to do so.

    The chazon Ish responded “דער ישיבות זענען אונזער מדבריות”

    The Griz responded “חלילה זאגען אז די רמב”ם האלט נישט פון מצוות יישוב ארץ ישראל”

    I do not pretend to consider myself the final arbitrator on the Rambam, however as a general rule halcha folows yad hachazaka, and sefer hamitzvos is a discussion of how classify the taryag mitzvos.

    Additionally as you point out, many gedolim made no effort to be mekayem mitzvas yishuv ha’aretz, R’ Moshe deals with this in a teshuva and suggests that they held it is a mitzva kiyumis rather than a mitzva chyuvis.

    All the best

    in reply to: Derech Emuna settlement #2116808

    “Zushy, Avira D’Ara, EJM and the other posters above are all expressing an opinion of one Daas Yochid, a Hungarian Rav who went against the entire rabbinic establishment, and spent decades attacking the Gadol Hador Rav Moshe Feinstein. His closest students became the Neturei Karta who kiss and hug with Arafat and are best friends with Hezbollah and Iran.”

    Man alive. אם אין דעת הבחנה מנין

    There are too many things happening on this thread …. however …..

    1) Gedolim are way way way above our hasaga. This applies to gedolim today, and kal vechomer to those of previous generations.

    2) יישוב ארץ ישראל is potentially a מצות עשה דאורייתא I assume I am not only one on this thread who is zoche to fulfill it. In this matter alone the Satmar rov zatvkal was indeed a daas yochid.

    3) there are numerous adherents of the basic ideology of אסור להתחבר לרשע אפילו לדבר מצוה who keep away from voting. I have heard estimates that they could potentially bring two more seats for UTJ. They still do not חלילה hug רוצחים etc, aderaba they are known for their extensive אהבת ישראל

    4) those that hug רוצחים were severely criticized by the leaders of the עדה החרדית – the successors of one of the Satmar Rav’s multifaceted roles.

    5) Many Gedolim – for example’s sake only מרן הגרמ”ד הלוי – expressed regular opposition to the government, nonetheless they encouraged יישוב הארץ and refused to leave ארץ ישראל

    6) The settlements of beitar and Kiryat sefer were built near the major population centers, as such Maran HaRav Shach zatzvkal was unopposed, in fact they viewed them as a solution to the housing crisis.

    7) The example I raised was Immanuel, in that case Maran Harav Shach was indeed opposed.

    8) As far as i understand Maran Sar Hatoira and his father before him, accepted Rav Shach position on these matters, as such it does not make sense to name a settlement after him.

    9) The point I was stressing was opposition to settlements. I do not understand how the position of the Ponevezher Rav [or, yet unmentioned, Maran HaGrach Shmulevitz] concerning the state is necessarily in disagreement. The main pro and anti zionism debate was not the purpose or the subject of my thread.

    10) there are numerous members of the dati le’umi community who are medakdek in toira and mitzvos, and unfortunately there are many balck hatters who are not. As yidden we respect and embrace everyone, and we also do not dream of understanding anyone else’s nisyoinois. [Nonetheless there is a undeniable “mainstream”, additionally there remains a small proportion of those from a dati-le’umi background who are “mitchared” and change their levush. Everyone understands that levush is supposed to represent something.]

    שבוע טוב ובברכה ומרבה לכל המשתתפים

    נא לעיין טוב במה שכתבתי, אשמח מאד מאד לשמוח הערות והארות


    in reply to: I personally view ben gvirs rise concerning #2115908

    guys, giuys, guys,

    there is a very very very real problem here.

    Ben G’vir is negged EVERYTHING the toira holds concerning our role in golus

    לכו והצפינו עצמכם

    התגרות באומות

    The problem is also very very very very much that unfortuantely a massive part of Chareidi Youth have started to beleive in this sort of thing.

    I don;t know or remember Kahana / Boruch Goldstein / Dov Shurin / ve’oid

    but we are in a very bad place when chareidi youth start to beleive in this

    in reply to: Julius & Ethel Rosenberg & Donald Trump #2115905

    “So “meduariata”, so to speak, he does not have to follow any procedures and, at worst, he violates a “medrabanan” procedure and gets malkos. ”

    Sorry man malkos are for mid’oraysa

    When i was in school he would have been made remove his shoes and to clean up the yard in socks, and perhaps for really serious trouble making he would have to walk round the block a couple of times like that.

    Anyway, any slefish person – including virtually all politicians put their own personal gain beofre the state, and then the left wing law enforcement and media chases the right wing

    Case in point hunter biden’s laptop

    Oid Case in point Bibi netanyahu

    in reply to: leaving yeshivah and going to work #2114282

    Guys, guys, guys

    we did NOT create ourselves

    we have serve god with the talents and abilities and opportunities and disadvantages that we each have in extremely unique situation

    IThe only only only only question is – by both small and big decisions – what does my creator want me to do.

    Nothing else is ever ever ever frowned upon

    ןמה תקות הנברא אם לא ישים עמל נפשו בדברים שנברא בעבורם

    in reply to: Did YWN erase an article about a bachur beaten up by cops in J-lem? #2114278

    Since when is it news that a bochur was beaten up by cops?

    This is a daily event in j/lm

    as they say, dog bites man isn’t news, man bites dog is.

    in reply to: school memories #2114277

    What in the world does ibbergerliked mean?

    Google sends me straight back here !!!!

    [it does the same if you google shoe confiscation …..]

    in reply to: Arab “palestinians killing their own” #2114273


    there are definitely more than one type of arab.

    the question remains who are the mainstream and who are the minority.


    ברוכים הבאים להארץ

    My parent did aliya with the Jewish Agancy and were horrified with the attitude to chareidim from beginning to end

    in reply to: Roshei Hayeshiva #2114269

    HaGaon R’ malkiel Kotler

    HaGaon R’ Yerucham Olshin

    and a couple of english born gedolim

    HaGaon R’ Mattisyohu Salomon

    HaGaon R’ Gershon Miller

    HaGaon R’ Uren reich

    in reply to: school memories #2107823

    OK guys

    whoever thinks it’s normal

    when you go to mincha
    please leave your shoes outside
    enter the room in socks
    sit down without a chair
    and after aleinu feel free to comment again.

    in reply to: anybody heard of new heimish/chasidish community in Ramat Shlomo #2107175

    The oilam is slowly building up

    it is way way cheaper than ganei ge’ula

    there are all types, serious, less so. litvish, chassidish, heimish, british

    try Rabbi Segal

    Sorry, don’t know if we can publish his number

    in reply to: Israeli Parenting style vs the US. #2103343

    When I was a kid, I walked to school uphill both ways in the snow, with no shoes or jacket.

    What in the world?

    When I was a kid kid’s shoes were confiscated as a punishment, and I remember kids without shoes on the school bus – this was before people had Shabbos shoes – but it was never done in bad weather or snow.

    BTW there was an Israeli “yoreid” with us, and I remember he was very unbothered about losing his shoes, and he would play soccer without them

    in reply to: Focusing on the positive side of lubavitch #2091363

    Yidden are all really amazing

    an Israeli was telling me recently that he cannot beleive how he walks into a home in the US and walks out a minute later with a generous donation ….

    I think chabad are super super special,

    do an inordinate amount of chessed

    and are really moiser nefesh for hashem and yahadus

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