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  • in reply to: What should next ASIFA be about?? #894695

    1. The media’s influence

    2. Abuse

    3. Tuition

    4. Kids off the derech

    5. Machlokes

    6. Parnassah

    7. Derech Eretz

    8. Teshuvah

    9. Era of Moshiach

    10. Israel and the draft

    11. Internet asifa reinforcement!

    in reply to: Budget for Newlyweds #898756

    1. 1,200 for Rent

    2. 400 for car insurance, and/or lease and related repairs and gas

    3. 500 on groceries (more if eating out)

    4. 200 for clothing

    5. 300 for utilities

    6. 300 for random expenses (seforim, garbage bags, new shades, etc…)

    7. 200 for household necessities

    8. Health Insurance???

    9. Other Items???

    By not spending much, you are already over the $3,000/month threshold!

    Good luck, and may you and your kallah build a wonderful Jewish home!

    in reply to: what defines yeshivish #872125

    Impossible. If he isn’t wearing a white shirt, he is not yeshivish. It doesn’t matter what he learns, how he behaves, who his friends are, how he respects people. So long as he can schmeff, and wears black and white, he is yeshivish.

    Disclaimer: Sarcasm

    in reply to: bochurim texting #888265

    Why is the question about bochurim? Even if you could venture to say that textng by bochurim has gotten out of hand, doesn’t it apply, perhaps even more so, to the girls??????????/

    in reply to: Are you a Ka'eylah Jew? #1203222

    frumguy, I’m happy it wasn’t what I initially feared-thank you very much!

    yungerman – agreed, but for some reason I don’t remember it being as widespread as a few years ago – maybe I don’t have the most vivid memory though.

    sam2 – i thought there was some ka’eyleh during sukkos and shavuous too, maybe during yom tov itself and not chol ha’moed. However, also realize that I was referencing mussaf chazaras hashatz which is prevalent during all yomim tovim obviously.

    in reply to: Are you a Ka'eylah Jew? #1203210

    Frumguy, sarcasm won’t get you anywhere. I just wanted to hear members of the CR’s opinion on whether they do what I described above, and why they do it. If you weren’t being sarcastic then I thank you sincerely. Have a great mo’ed!

    in reply to: Collective Response to the wave of tzaros #865514

    Unfortunately, some have become immune to the things going on in the world. They’re just waiting around.

    in reply to: Yeshiva Boys being sent home to collect Bain Hazmanim #864471

    This makes no sense. Does anyone really think these yeshiva guys have the marketable skills to be hired, especially with little or no training??? Maybe I could see them schlepping some boxes or selling things, but there’s no way they could work behind a desk in a secretarial or administrative capacity. By the time they learned what they were doing, their month would be u.

    And why would any employer ever hire random yeshiva guys for a month. People with training try hard to get internships, and even that is after training.


    in reply to: Multi-Level Marketing #863032

    If you are interested in Ambit Energy, I advise against it. Period.

    in reply to: LIPA-king of jewish music #850638

    In case nobody realized, calling himself the “King of Jewish Music” is a great marketing ploy. People do this all the time. It’s called business.

    in reply to: Goyim Copying Yiddishe Minhagim #859367

    I once heard that Yeshiva bochurim used to don the long sideburns in the manner of a certain goyishe singer known as “The King of Rock and Roll”. A rosh yeshiva came out and actually ordered them to be cleanshaven to avoid going in the ways of the goyim.

    in reply to: life insurance, Halacha issue? #850607

    The issue someone brought up was that buying life insurance constituted a lack of bitachon in HaShem, but Rav Moshe ruled that not only is it not a lack of bitachon, it is beneficial to have life insurance for your family’s sake.

    in reply to: why do the rules of dreidel seem to change every year? #836467

    Funny. In my family we play several varieties of dreidel, none of which have been talked about yet.

    There’s the game were we have points awarded based on how long you can spin a dreidel for. (I always win)

    Then we have a game with dozens of dreidels, and the objective is to get as many as possible to spin before the others stop spinning-get the most simultaneous dreidels to spin. (I always win)

    Also, there’s the game were you have to spin the dreidel upside-down. (Due to severe fighting, the winner is usually unknown)

    in reply to: Kasha of Beis Yosef #989755

    How about the answer to the Beis Yosef that the 25th day was for the dedication of the mishkan? I like that answer too.

    in reply to: Kim Jong Il – Jewish? #836877

    That might explain some of their theories, and also the fact that a growing number of Reform Jews are not Jewish according to traditional halacha.

    in reply to: Kasha of Beis Yosef #989754

    BaalHabooze, I think the answer to your question on why we dont celebrate a 9th day because of sfeika diyoma is that Chanukah isn’t a yom tov mentioned in the Torah-it is a yom tov midivrei sofrim, as the Mishna Berurah says it, and I don’t believe we ever keep an extra day for something Midirabonon.

    The question I have is why Yom Kippur isn’t 2 days long!!?? Why don’t we say sfeika diyoma? Maybe a possible answer is the same answer as in the SHulchan Aruch? (I think) that we don’ want to go two days without the possibility of burying a mes-the same reason why Yom Kippur is never on Friday or Sunday, though that itself may be based more on Hoshanah Rabbah not falling on Shabbos, an additional question now that I think about it.

    in reply to: average shadchan rates? #1114752

    What a shame that in 2011 shidduchim has become a BUSINESS. Yes, shadchanim are entitled to a fee, but it has gotten outrageous that there is now a going rate that needs to be raised in order for the shadchan to work harder for you, regardless of financial status.

    in reply to: Is this considered going too far? #823224

    It was a joke intended for the Wolf but evidently everyone took it personally. Sorry. 🙂

    in reply to: can i date a girl without Shadchan????????/ #808680

    To your question, yes you theoretically can date her like that, but it is not seen as appropriate in many circles.

    in reply to: Saying Tehillim on Shabbos #805458

    I don’t know about you, but when i daven of Shabbos morning, there are many perakim of Tehillim in davening. Does this answer your question?

    in reply to: Women Driving #805837

    It’s because of the seat belt.

    in reply to: When will Friedman's Supermarket (BP) reopen? #804809

    It may never. Who knows.

    in reply to: let's make the longest thread possible!! #837434

    T he Yeshiva World Coffee Room

    H ereby announces that

    E ach member of the forum who

    L aments and comments

    O n this thread in order to satisfy a

    N ice (nerdy) individual who has too much

    G -d given and

    E xtremely

    S carce

    T ime, should realize that

    T his is not only bitul

    H alimud and Torah, but is causing

    R ational people to

    E ngage in

    A bsurd

    D illy-dallying.

    P lease reconsider

    O h brotherofurs, and

    S top the mockery and the sin of

    S tealing time from

    I nnocent

    B a’al Habattim, and

    L eave us alone for

    E ternity. Thank you and Hatzlacha!

    in reply to: how to define "hairy" #804050

    A ‘hairy’ is the Harryish way of saying Harry. Being as I don’t pronounce Harry ‘hairy’, I guess I am disqualified.

    in reply to: Do you watch movies? #800648

    quark2, correct me if I am mistaken, but I get the impression that the point of your question was not just an innocent survey, but in reality an act of justification. Either you or someone close to you has watched or watches movies, and you want to know if it is justified by the mere fact that others are doing this. This is not the way to look at things, regardless of whether what you are doing is kosher.

    in reply to: The geography game! #1203408

    Xilokeratea (look it up)

    in reply to: Favorite Frozen Pizza #788002


    in reply to: long davening #780567


    you misunderstood her

    she is not switching schools to solve the problem

    Mod-80 how would my answer change if I understood her in the correct vein?

    in reply to: child left in car seat- how to prevent? #795659

    Put a text message alert on your phone for any drive that automatically texts you to check your child.

    in reply to: Flatbush- why are the streets so empty after dark? #780412

    There is a dearth of cholent parties in Flatbush.

    in reply to: long davening #780563


    Why would switching to a different school solve your problem?? You appear to be an anomaly, and I doubt there is a school out there that can accomodate you, other than maybe a homeschool, or your own school. I assume that you, as a young bas yisrael, don’t need to daven with a minyan. Therefore, you should wake up at 7 A.M. and daven at home for as long as you want.

    Disclaimer: I personally agree with Wolf and don’t see anything ‘wrong’ with davening for an hour; on the contrary maybe it’s a very good thing. However, you can’t be the iconoclast in this situation. (p.s. I hope I used iconoclast correctly)

    in reply to: when people u dont know email u #779639


    1)Are they Jewish, meaning the message was (likely) solicited?

    2)What exactly did the message entail?

    3)Are you upset at this development, or merely showing your irreverence for those who may have betrayed you?

    in reply to: Accounting Question #765761

    Cinci, you are mistaken with regard to F (defending the patnent).

    F is also capitalized under GAAP.

    in reply to: How many times did you say Sh’monah Esreh tonight? #1012053

    I only said it once, even though I initially forgot vi’sain bracha. However, I caught on to my mistake (thanks to the guy davening next to me LOUDLY whispering “vi’sain bracha!”) and inserted it during shema koleinu.

    in reply to: Halacha regarding petty things? #757563

    mw13: while it’s true that this belongs in the halacha thread, I think that even if it were, say, assure gamur, ppl would still do it without realizing their error.

    i also know some people who take shopping bags from stores without permission-i doubt this is halachically and certainly not ethically correct if the owners dont approve- WHY SHOULD THEY WASTE THEIR SUPPLIESS ON NON-CUSTOMERS!?

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221389

    Limericks are 5 lined patterned rhyme

    the first two rhyme and are 8 or 9

    syllables are 5 or 6

    for the 3rd & 4th mix

    then the last line with the first 2 do rhyme

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221388

    MOd 80 and smartcookie did feud

    over limericks’ linguistics-so crude

    why fight like mere goyim

    fight over kibbutzim

    just make sure its not misconstrued

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221387

    Over 300 limericks posted

    its amazing how many are roasted

    weird posts indeed

    where will they lead

    they have left me largely toasted

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221386

    Oh the tears that flowed from my eyes

    of obamas political lies

    his dark skin does glow

    though admittedy so

    from the fibs he fabricates-LIES!

    in reply to: Chalav Stam? no such a thing #809576

    Why do we call it yayin nesech? Maybe it should be called yayin akum????!!!! chas v’shalom we should be corrected.

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221365

    “Time to find a shidduch”, said Bubby

    Who you will proudly call dear hubby

    I hope it’ll be great

    Your very first date

    Just assume its Marriott’s Lobby

    in reply to: Top 5 websites? #726981

    1) Yahoo/email

    2) Wikipedia

    3) Yeshiva World News

    4) NY Times

    5) eBay

    in reply to: Is it permissible for a frum man to wax facial hair? #722388

    Is it permitted for a man to wear a dress??

    Have I answered the question??

    A good question would be if men are allowed to shave/trim their eyebows/unibrows?

    Or if men can use hair-dying products if they’re made for men, like Just-for-Men hair products?

    in reply to: Plow This Snow! #964892

    Here I am in Israel and I’m running for the past 3 days and the streets are still beautiful!!!!!!!!! The buses are running, there is plenty of mail, only one train in hupitzville isn’t running and I’m happy. I’m so so elated that our city doesn’t have to deal with a few feet of snow like they’ve never seen this before. We pay taxes!! Im happy who’s with me?? Come move here!!!

    in reply to: The Word Chain Game – Nov 4th Game #1109984

    be this game fun?

    fun times

    times square

    square dance

    dance your &#$^ off

    off base

    base solutions

    solutions to problems


    attic of ghosts

    in reply to: Thank You Hashem for Global Warming #723051

    Now I’m not siding with the proponents of Global Warming (a.k.a. Al Gore), but to be honest, their claims are that the weather has increased a few degrees in recent times. This explains how we can still have cold winters.

    Although 2-3 degrees farenheit doesn’t mean much to us here, it actually has enormous weight near the Poles, where melting glacial masses as a consequence of Global Warming may mean increasing high tides and flooding for coastal cities worldwide in the not-so distant future.

    Just saying, not siding with those people.

    in reply to: The Word Chain Game – Nov 4th Game #1109980

    error function

    function for charity

    charity saves from death

    death row

    row, row, row your boat


    ING direct

    direct election

    elected official

    official time slot

    slot machine

    machine washable

    washable pants

    pants pocket

    pocet square

    square peg

    peggy sue

    sue for $1,000,000

    million dollar question

    questionable motive


    a shin injury

    in jurisdiction

    jurisdiction clause

    clause 3

    3 pointer

    pointer pen


    penny games

    games all day

    day dream

    dream land

    land of the free

    freedom tower

    tower of terror

    terror struck

    struck a chord

    chord key

    key chain

    chained up

    up town

    town hall

    hall ows

    hallows of potter

    potter’s wheel

    wheel of fortune

    fortune telling

    telling him/her off

    off target

    target practice

    practice area

    area designated

    designated hitter

    hitting for the cycle

    cycle of life

    life on mars

    mars the look

    looking glass

    glassy eyed

    eyed mischievously

    mischevous child

    child labor

    labor in egypt

    egyptian mummy’s

    mummy’s love

    love letters

    letters to heaven

    heaven made, heaven sent

    sent away

    away without official leave (AWOL)

    leaves falling

    falling winds


    windsor manor

    manor of speaking

    speaking your mind

    mind your own business

    business to take care of

    of some sort

    sort it out

    out fitted

    fitted shirt

    shirt stain

    stained glass

    glass bowl


    lingo game

    games to be occupied

    occupied with other ventures

    venture to say

    say it again

    again and again

    again we come to this


    in reply to: The Word Chain Game – Nov 4th Game #1109849

    envious people

    in reply to: George HW Bush�s Granddaughter To Marry A Jew #717496

    maybe bush is really jewish-bush is from the shoresh bushah, or embarrassment.

    in reply to: Does Everyone Have Their Own 'Peckel' Even Though They Look Happy? #717596

    We all (should) know of the famous Chazal/Midrash/Gemara (someone please fill me in) that after 120, when we go up to judgment, we will be taken to a room and shown any resume from among millions to choose. We will end up choosing our own lives. (even homeless people)

    What most people fail to realize is that G-d gave every person their own distinct personality and attitude, which allows that individual to operate in the perfect symphony of good and bad, known colloquially as the ‘peckel’. For example, you could have the richest guy with a beautiful wife and children, and even perfect health, but he IS DEPRESSED. Maybe his ruchniyus life is bad, maybe he has emotional distress, etc… On the flip side, you could have a poor man, trying desperately to support his family, he has little income, and his children are troublesome, YET he is a happy-go-lucky guy.


    So even if someone wishes in his heart, “If only I could be rich like him”, maybe if his wish becomes reality, his personality will not allow to function the same way he did in his original ‘peckel’.

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