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    If public school would have been ideal, we would have stayed in that system.
    Obviously the gedolim found it necessary to open Jewish schools…

    Yes. My mother went to public school.. and No she’s not a baalas teshuva

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    My son wants me to go places with him..
    somehow with my family situation, it did not happen yet.
    But… you are giving me chizuk and I will IYH make it happen,
    He wants me to go to the movies with him..
    I said I didn’t have a problem… Only not a horror movie or thrill movie..
    and he has a list..
    He has a job, so finding time that works for both of us is difficult..
    Thanks for the chizuk

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    wow, just checked in again..
    looks like I haven’t been here in 2 1/2 years..
    I now have 3 kids on their own derech..
    officially shomer shabbos..
    one is married.. seems to be happy..
    and yes we get along..
    the other ones have jobs, but definitely have yiddishkeit issues..
    BH they are home and we get along,
    and ‘agree to disagree’

    All the best… Just keep hanging in..
    will check in again..can’t tell you when..
    Did you read the book On Their Derech?

    in reply to: Has anyone here ever fostered a kitten? #1520951

    What do you mean fostering a kitten..?
    Is it not the same as owning one..
    Well we have a cat.. used to be a kitten..
    My son actually owns him.. so I do not feel mechuyav to feed him before myself.
    He comes and goes as he pleases..we have food and water out at all times..
    food is costly as well as the vet visits..
    cat came home injured several times which necessitated a vet visit
    basically it’s another baby to take care of.
    I have no long as I am responsible
    and we have no mice.. we did find some that cat took care of.. but very few.
    good luck

    in reply to: Neurolinks Brooklyn #1520936

    My daughter is a graduate of the program..
    I was in the Brooklyn location
    There was definitely a lot of improvement..
    But in my was not 100%
    It really depends what the original issue is..
    and I knew people that did it and they were super satisfied…
    My daughter is still in a self contained class..
    the goal is to mainstream her..obviously.
    And I am NOT sorry I did the program- I am sure we are ahead.
    Hatzlacha rabba

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1183620

    WOW. Hi. I’ve been thinking about you often the past few years (true- I haven’t been to the coffee room in a while), I was wondering what happened with your son.. Now I saw..

    There is always hope.. we just need to keep davening (I don’t think I have to tell you).

    was nice seeing you in the coffee room.. I don’t check in too often as I am quite busy..

    in reply to: what are the job options for a bais yaakov type girl? #1055347

    curious yenta- take the course. Ladies/girls are very cuccessful in this field. You can even work by a sheitel macher while you are still in school. HATZLACHA RABBA

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1183405

    A gutt voch to all…

    someone just told me recently..

    ‘dont worry your children will ‘come back’…

    Because you cry a lot for them, and a mother tears

    are NEVER wasted..’

    well, I am still waiting, tryng different strategies, and davening and crying..

    I have several to deal with..

    in reply to: How do we get Jroute and Nissim back on the air? #1012774

    It’s on now..hopefully permenantly…ENJOY

    in reply to: How do we get Jroute and Nissim back on the air? #1012771

    I hear nothing!! So as far as I am concerned there is no theft from any L.I. station. Sorry…

    in reply to: skeletons #1008700

    I would not say anything..unless it is something like being on medication, which continues into the marriage…

    on the other hand if the situation would be reverse,

    would you want the significant other to disclose this information to you or would you let bygones be bygones…

    in reply to: I am Rocky Zweig. Ask Me Anything #1017799

    oomis- I remember dem shows…

    Ad meah v’shloshim!

    in reply to: Burn advice from Yated Readers write #1005568

    notasheep- you forgot to add ‘see a doctor’.

    There is a sign in my pediatrician’s office- not to call for help until burn is submerged in water for 2 hours!

    cuz once you call they will take you hospital you won’t be able to soak the burn any longer-

    in reply to: Burn advice from Yated Readers write #1005553

    It was the water! NOT the booze

    in reply to: Awkward kashrus situation – advice? #1002946

    If he is a true ‘rabbi’ he will definitely understand and not be offended..

    I agree with ‘kollel wife’

    in reply to: Is there a tactful way to say Shadchan prefers money? #1003171

    I redd shiduchim to a lot of ppl.

    those that ask how much I charge, I answer I don’t have a specific amount. But whatever it is I would like it in the form of money as apposed to somekind of gift..

    It goes over quite well.

    in reply to: Working Guys #1036163

    You are 100% correct.

    You are not second class at all!

    But it will take a while for the narrowminded

    to become broad minded..

    This learning boy ‘mishigaas’ will disappear when

    girls will finally realize they should be marrying someone

    suitable for themselves and not for the neighbor,street, or community!

    in reply to: Pepper Babies #1002237


    in reply to: What time an 18-year-old bachur should be home motzei Shabbos? #985209

    My ‘chilled’ son never listened to me when I gave him a curfew..I called him on the phone- he said he was on the way home, it was probably 3 or 4 am when he got in…

    Good Luck!

    in reply to: Where to get cheap but good white shirts in Brooklyn #995012

    wilhelms is NOT a clothing store…

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1183273

    WOW- I’m still following as well. You are in my thoughts, I empathize with you, on an american level. Besides for my first son that I discussed early in this thread I am desperately working on a younger one…following the same footsteps. Hope I could save him early enough!

    in reply to: To the Parents of Teens #939384

    As someone mentioned before.. call Ohel. They will set u up with diff ppl to talk to and they will tell you how to handle these situations.

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1182980

    A gitte voch everyone..

    I’ve been following all along. just very busy.

    besides for my older son whos been out of yeshiva, working, and having OTD tendencies, as explained a while back..

    I got me another son who decided to quit yeshiva, he is very young, as well as being busy with all modern gadgets a frum boy or girl should not be busy with.

    Hopefully soon we will have him in a different yeshiva where they will be makarev him.

    I am afraid there is no such yeshiva. either one has the cheishek or he don’t..

    in reply to: The Webberman Verdict #923108

    Does anyone know the real story?

    this is a soap opera going on for years..

    does anyone know that his judge accepted a bribe?

    and anything that Nachum R. is involved is involved would need a LOT of investigation!!

    in reply to: Looking for the Lost Hour #1108678

    watch that hour…

    in reply to: GAS SHORTAGE: Where Can You get Gas Following Superstorm Sandy? #902428

    Any gas yet in bp?

    in reply to: Radical Proposal to Help Save Some of Our Crisis' #898793

    Litvishe- do u live in KY.. kind of an oxymoron..

    Kind Kalman- You are describing KY..

    in reply to: ACS #894214

    are you looking for legal action or for help..

    Once there is a file open, the family is scrutinized with a magnifying glass.

    If thats what these people are looking for, go for it.

    in reply to: ACS #894212

    I say contact Ohel as well.

    Bikur cholim of boro park has a family crisis office.

    they will come and talk to family and see what is going on..

    they might refer you to Ohel as well.

    and put you in touch with the right people

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1182157

    I’m sorry to stik in my 2cents here but jeans should really be your leasr problem.. t-shirt with photo is another story..

    My sons wearing $80 (sale price) jeans a long time. although BH he is wearing white polos.. The rest of my boys do not leav the house without a hat and jacket..

    and I have a neighbor who is a ruv in a shul-chassidish-

    whos son is walking around in blue jeans and colored polos and t-shirts.. not really a pride to the family.

    but I see he lives at home and also has ‘different’ friends and an unacceptable schedule– there are so many of us suffering!

    My suggestion to you is to take ONE system and give it your all.

    try not to get sidetracked by ‘others’.

    tell yourself you will do this system lets say 2 months.. then push maybe another 2 months and see if anything moved.

    at least you know you really gave the TP system a good try.

    btw- all my boys do thir own laundry from bar mizva age and up!

    so there is really nothing wrong in having him do his own laundry.

    they change their own linen and leave it to me to wash- perfectly acceptable.. Now when they got/get married they really get a break!

    GOOD LUCK and keep us posted.

    in reply to: Limo for after Wedding #892530

    rude and unnecessary

    in reply to: Pranks I wouldn't do on my worst enemy #988842

    If visine would actually kill someone

    I would not suggest using in eyes either..

    just my thought.. I am really not into pranks.

    I have more serious things to think about..


    in reply to: wording to decline a hand shake? #893960

    My husband had a workmate who always used to say..

    ‘We are sociable, but untouchable’

    in reply to: Why Are You Up NOW? #956498

    Got to bake another cake..

    and wash de laundry.. my machines literally go 24 hrs..

    in reply to: Toenail Fungus #891919

    Need to plant a fig tree..

    in all seriousness I met someone whos hands were full of warts..

    a short while later I met again and they were gone. She used fig milk.

    Only I dont have a fig tree..

    in reply to: Assur to HOLD a smart phone ??? #1197636

    more- lol

    how true.

    SL1 I most certainly agree with you.

    If one wants to ‘build a fence’ for HIMSELF only- GREAT

    No one should be building fences for others… Thats how one develops OTD syndrome. as SL1 said

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1182138

    There is definitely a point in this.

    aside for the fact if the yeshiva has a strong hashguche..

    which most yeshivas cannot do because the boys need some freedom and have to feel trusted.

    I was glad when my son was home SLEEPING.

    at least I knew he wasnt watchng movies or smoking or both!

    The nights were a different story…

    He BH now has a job and usually comes home at night..LATE!

    when I ask him till when he worked.. the answer was 8:00.

    He was just chilling with some friends till 3am.

    So that’s the schedule these days..

    Thank you for keeping us posted

    and for the tips. I will definitely use what I can.

    I am in this alone. My husband has HIS approach,

    and so far is not ready to hear other ideas..


    in reply to: I'm Bored #932706


    in reply to: well duh !?!?!?? #915702

    I hate when someone asks “So how are the couples???”

    years after they are married..

    Even two weeks after they are married makes me very nervous.

    Whats it anyones business and if something IS going on, do they think I will tell them..

    I have yet to come up with a ‘good’ answer..

    in reply to: I want to eat cholov stam #891715

    curiosity – +1

    in reply to: Why Are You Up NOW? #956490

    bakng a cake to send my son in Israel

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1182134

    me three!

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1182127


    I dint get in very often.. and I realized there are people with more experience helpng out. so I sit on the sidelines and read.

    I wouldnt mind getting a copy of TP emailed to me.

    I have a generic email address. whicha also does not have my real name.

    May i post?

    no, sorry.

    in reply to: My friend moved to uws and is now otd #891370

    I dont mean to discourage you..

    but he will ask you where you were till now.

    now that he did this drastic step you are here to help and give chizuk.

    just so you can prepare for something that might happen.

    but as u said you thought he took care of his issues..

    I am not blaming you but these people always look and find someone else to blame.

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1182066

    At least he came home…

    hopefully if he is happy he is NOT disrespectful..

    WOW- I was once told all our T’hillim and T’fillos go into a bank account and accumulate.. then at the end they come back to ‘save’ u..

    so I just keep praying.. I know you do too, but you seem to think its not working. IT WORKS! we just dont see where or we will see it later.

    It’s the only thing that keeps us sane and strong to go thru all this.

    in reply to: Getting out of miserable marriage #889098

    square peg- advice is, anybody can make anything work.. its a mind set. change the attitude. (unless you are talking about abuse or infidelity, which you did not mention)

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1182000

    WOW- I’m sorry to hear what you went thru..

    I’m curious to see what hth will say…

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1181992

    my son buys his own cigarettes or gets from ‘friends’

    When he has enough money he buys strong liquor as well.

    He once finished a pretty large bottle in 1 shabbos..

    here to help- I am following your instruction as well..

    only thing dad is not on the same page as me.. so I hope it does not backfire..

    Thanx- Gutt Shabbos

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1181978

    aries- couldn’t agree with you more.

    no matter how many people try to change this situation, it has not happened.

    When finally someone opens a yeshiva and allows all to enroll only the troubled ones go and the yeshiva gets a name- oh this yeshiva is for ‘bums’ or other colorful adjectives..

    in reply to: Tznius in brooklyn #1087352

    wiy= you are 100% correct!

    and the storekeepers say this is what the costumer wants…

    and what if the storekeeper says ..’sorry we dont carry those’

    the problem is woman are just purchasing their clothing a size or two too small.

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