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  • in reply to: Where is Moshe Kleinerman? Take on something!! #2125931

    This isn’t a regular kid missing. There’s too many holes in the story. It sounded like mental illness and/or abuse to me. Either ran away or suicide. Since they haven’t found a body I think he probably ran away and is just lying low.

    in reply to: Why did story of teacher disappear? #2125928

    Probably so they don’t get sued.

    The story is still there if you know how to Google. All the groups I’m in are flooded with screenshots like Talia asking on a Jerusalem Facebook group in 2016 about what one wears to a famous kever and if jeans are okay, and the comments refer to the person as Kevin.

    There’s many other Facebook posts. “Talia” also asks on Secret Tel Aviv where the best gay clubs are.

    I’m not even sure these people are Jewish. “Talia” joined many groups and forums and seemed to be trying to get information on how to fit in and seem frum. In one Facebook post they ask what bracha to make on pizza in a chareidi resteraunt in Israel because they want to get the culture cues down.

    Big red flags. In another post they claim they moved from Israel and are sefardim and don’t know about kashrus in America because they are Israeli.

    in reply to: Chug Chasam Sofer Petach Tikva #2049778

    There’s also issues with bishul akum here too – as well as ingredients, Jews milking cows on shabbos, and using the milk in production.

    With restaurants there’s a huge issue of supervision. As AvireDeArah said, terumah, maaser, smittah – even with a good hashgocha if there’s not supervision somewhere what happens when they run out of cucumbers? Any joe shmoe who isn’t frum will go to any store to pick up more.

    A woman in the north died this past year after eating milchig ice cream in a meat rabbanut restaurant.

    in reply to: Chug Chasam Sofer Petach Tikva #2049481

    Chassam Sofer Petach Tikvah is not something we rely on generally. Yes I know katzefet is that hescher and sometimes we’re lenient about that and products. But a general resteraunt with it we won’t go to.

    People don’t eat Beit Yosef due to it being a sefardi hescher and the ashkeanizim discriminate against sefardim a lot and there’s a lot of politics. Most people I know eat bet Yosef, for pareve and milk due to differing minhagim for meat. We were told it’s fine for meat and chicken as well.

    in reply to: Silence #2048640

    Maybe people would come forward more if they weren’t put in cherem for it, people were trying to set their houses on fire, and they wouldn’t get all their kids kicked out of school.

    But alas – that’s the reality.

    in reply to: Favorite sefirah song #1989376

    I love Sunshine In the Rain. I think the Acapella is better than the original.

    Hi Shopping! How is married life??

    in reply to: Do i exist? #1873474

    No, there’s a 13.5% chance you may be a bot.

    As someone living in Israel what I hear is being done are open wedding outside where guests stay far from each other or dance on their own porches nearby. I’ve seen some wedding where the band is on one rooftop. The men’s side is on another and the woman’s side is on another. This allows 30 people to be there.

    People are offering their houses if they have big ones. Having many large room and a roof or a large porch or garden. Splitting up the people per area.

    Me and my husband passed by a wedding last night in our neighborhood. You could see the photographers flashes from far away and the music. It took place in two large gardens next to each other. On the street there were around 50 or more people dressed in shabbos clothing just waiting their turn to go in or having just left.


    in reply to: Non-Jewish books #1813363

    I thought you meant novels.
    I don’t see an issue with those types of books.

    in reply to: Non-Jewish books #1812188

    You get influenced by what you read.

    in reply to: I’m engaged! ✨πŸ₯‚πŸ’• #1811654

    Oh I did but not everyone did.

    in reply to: I’m engaged! ✨πŸ₯‚πŸ’• #1811345

    @29 I’m not really sure what you are reffering to.

    in reply to: To TAOM, OURtotah, StreekGeek #1811246

    Looking back at old threads.
    I wish I had another way to reach all of you to let you know I am engaged; I have survived! And I’m doing awesome!

    Mods – is there any way you could e-mail them to check out the CR? πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Should I always miss her/him #1811247

    I think it’s naturally to sometimes feel different ways.
    As someone who is now navigating being engaged I’ve spoken to quite a few friends and I think it’s definitely normal. Feelings take time to grow and if you see each other a lot there’s not always room for feelings of missing the other for some.

    in reply to: I’m engaged! ✨πŸ₯‚πŸ’• #1811248

    @Gamanit love your emojis. A nod to your lost subtitle..

    in reply to: I’m engaged! ✨πŸ₯‚πŸ’• #1810858

    @chash what’s the difference between this and pen pals? Writing letters to strangers as many did 20 years ago and becoming friends with them?

    I have a few e-pals and some of them were also users on here too.

    in reply to: I’m engaged! ✨πŸ₯‚πŸ’• #1809597

    @chash I’m sorry you don’t understand. These aren’t random people. I posted a lot in the past and I’ve become friends with users here to the point that we’ve found ways of getting in touch through the coffee room (although it isn’t technically allowed).

    These members aren’t random people to me (well some of the newer ones are) but others I’ve known for 7 years.

    Also I do want to clarify the chosson posting is my chosson. He wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes.

    in reply to: I’m engaged! ✨πŸ₯‚πŸ’• #1809138

    @poshiteryid since I’ve been posting on here since I’ve been 14 and was a very active user for many years. I would love to share my simcha with posters who have known and seen me for the past 7 years.

    I haven’t been so active as of late so perhaps we are not so familiar with each other – but I’ve made friends on this platform and have had many many conversations with the posters here.

    Trust me; I’m not bored enough to post this information on random forums around the world.

    in reply to: I’m engaged! ✨πŸ₯‚πŸ’• #1809054

    I’m not aware of him being from the CR – although I know he does read.

    in reply to: Shidduchim #1807329

    Is he ready to commit to taking care of a woman, protecting her, financially too?
    Has he read a kesubah? Does he know what he will commit himself to in this relationship?

    in reply to: Bad Match or Bad Middos or Both? #1807328

    There really does need a couple of week to date, get to know each other, be open and honest and ask both people if they really want to get into a relationship with this person and their whole package and all their “issues”. (We all have them).

    There’s so much shushing up, lying, hiding – it’s insane

    in reply to: Bad Match or Bad Middos or Both? #1807327

    I think it’s also the shadchanim.
    When I first dated seriously the shadchan literally told the boy after a 5th date that if I’m not ready to get engaged yet maybe he should move on. After we had known each other for 1.5 weeks!

    The more I talk to girls the more people I’ve found were pressured and manipulated by shadchanim to close the deal way before they were ready.

    in reply to: What defines a messed up school? #1807212

    WOW memories. Aw 15 year old me had such a cute response to this thread.

    in reply to: Does a Divorce indicate a Family lacked Shalom Bayis? #1807215


    Emotional and Mental abuse and neglect are scientifically proven to affect children much more than phsyical abuse. Just sayin’.

    in reply to: Why Is It So Hard? #1803296

    We don’t understand Hashem. I know it’s hard. I’m around the same age and I’m single too.
    (Don’t worry ya’ll you will all know when i get engaged).

    I agree that saying no based on pictures is NOT a good idea. People look different in real life; in addition girls can build attraction through emotional connection. No one I know who got married came back from a 1st or 2nd date saying “Omg he’s so hot! He’s so attractive!”. Obviously if someone is deformed, or looks like he may be mentally ill or a serial killer than I’d pass too. But you don’t need to be physically attracted to do a 1st date; or a 2nd one either. You need to not absolutely hate his looks and want to throw up by the thought of meeting him.

    I have no idea if you are being realistic as I haven’t seen you around here much. I’ve been off the site for quite a while.

    Also maybe you’re not ready. Maybe you’re bashert is 4 years younger than you and is still in high school.
    We don’t know!

    You are very young. I’m sorry there’s rumours going around. That sounds mean and tough to deal with. I hope you can find it within you to keep going, doing your hishtadlus, and davening.

    If you are still nervous perhaps go to a dating coach to talk over your concerns with her.

    in reply to: Jewish music with english words=Goyish. #1803297

    Yiddish is goyish too.
    If it’s not loshon hakodesh and directly from what the Leviim sang in the Beis Hamikdash – it’s definitely goyish.

    in reply to: Where Are All The Commentators About The Ethiopian Protests #1751751

    Well the ethiopians are much more violent than the frum protesters.
    I think 64 police officers were sent to the hospital.
    So; perhaps they didn’t want to make more violence than needed and were scared to approach them.

    in reply to: Is this legal? #1738001

    It’s legal to be photographed in a public space without permission as long as you aren’t doing something that would generally be considered a negative thing. I think.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Wait, what? What does that have to do with anything I said?

    imamother is not for women.
    It’s for married women.
    If your single than your stuff here.

    in reply to: Do women need to stay up all night of Shavuos? #1725242

    I forgot, also I see many newlyweds at late night shavous shuirs who don’t have kids yet.

    in reply to: Are women required to make brocha when saying on Hallel on YH? #1725081

    I always say tachanun.

    in reply to: Do women need to stay up all night of Shavuos? #1724818

    I don’t think anyone HAS TO stay up.
    It’s a nice thing to do if you can.
    Old people, young people, sick people cannot.
    Mother’s who must take care of children; cannot.
    Single women, mothers with kids all married – sure why not? Where I live there’s shuirs for women up until 4-5 AM

    in reply to: Chassidim vs. Beis Yaakov #1724013

    So, in other words, it’s just branding?


    in reply to: Chassidim vs. Beis Yaakov #1723667

    I know in Israel a school needs to meet a certain standard to be in on the “BY” club.
    There are schools outside the system with BY standards.
    But there are no schools within the BY system that don’t meet the criteria.

    Sending a child to a BY school is basically knowing that they meet those standards.

    in reply to: Chassidim vs. Beis Yaakov #1723264

    Different standards.
    Different language (many chassidim speak only yiddish)
    Different minhagim

    in reply to: Adama Veshamayim – Avoda Zara #1717158

    The song was written by and for a wiccan cult to serve nature.

    in reply to: Adama Veshamayim – Avoda Zara #1714712

    You have yet to explain:
    2. The names of the Rabbis who have announced this specific song isn’t avodah zora.

    in reply to: Adama Veshamayim – Avoda Zara #1714313


    1) What if someone likes a priests classes about the old testament because it makes them feel holier?
    I’m sorry but halacha doesn’t really care about your feelings in every area. Is it right to steal if you feel you rightfully deserve it? What if not being tzniyus or shomer eneyim makes you feel holier? Can you go against halacha simply because it “feels” like it should be okay?

    2) If someone is sexually abusing people in the community, we shouldn’t publicize it because “Oy nebach, it will ruin his name”. Obviously it’s wrong to make up stuff about people, or on purpose give them a bad name but if someone is causing harm to others; either by sexually abusing them or by giving people things to listen to or see that are against the Torah; that’s not the time to keep quiet.

    I have NOTHING against Matt Dubb, I don’t know if he knew the origins of the song or not; and I’m not EVEN discussing THAT. We are discussing the origins of a noun, a physical thing, that may or may not be assur. No one here has criticized or made threats to or judged Matt Dubb.

    3) Is it being machmir if your Rabbi says it’s assur? Oh no, were turning kids of yiddishkeit by telling young girls they have to wear socks and can’t wear pants. It’s assur now to watch inappropriate movies? What? But, like so many people do it and it’s fun, it can’t be assur. Uch, I don’t want to be frum anymore.

    in reply to: Not tzinius for no reason #1714110

    Is there an opinion in halacha that permits a woman to completely expose her knee in halacha?

    I don’t think so. Yet I live in a neighborhood that has chassidim and modern orthodox, and anything in between.

    @Neville – I think that’s an issue but what i think doesn’t matter, I have no way of controlling what the store owners do, and they may not even listen or care about daas torah at all.

    in reply to: Adama Veshamayim – Avoda Zara #1713844

    So which Rav allows Avodah Zara?
    Also I think minhag yisroel is if ALL the leaders of the generation agree on something and it’s really hard to make one nowadays.

    in reply to: Not tzinius for no reason #1713843


    Ok, well forget the store, does everyone in your building conform to the same standards of halacha? What about your shul?

    That is such a dumb OP. Just saying.
    You cannot force anyone else to do something.

    in reply to: Why do we seclude ourselves from the world around us? #1713814


    Talking to the opposite gender or having a relationship is not considered EVIL. But in general, a relationship with the opposite sex who is not your spouse or your intermediate family, what is the purpose of it? Where will it go? You constantly want to put each other in a place where you are taking energy and time to avoid a problem or something happening? Many say you should not have any type of relationship with the opposite sex who is not related to you.

    Gosh I wish my filtered internet at home wasn’t blocking half this thread.
    Maybe I’ll get a chance to read it at work, it sounds so fascinating.

    in reply to: Not tzinius for no reason #1713813

    What is not tzniyus? That’s what I don’t understand.

    in reply to: Adama Veshamayim – Avoda Zara #1713815

    What great Rav said this is ok?

    in reply to: Sending Jewish Children to Secular College #1713458

    Today’s college campuses have reverted back to pushing ideologies on the students. The average campus is a cesspool of activism for political correctness, gender fluidity, absence of tznius, and legitimizing things that initially sound praiseworthy but are actually decrepit.

    This is the USA.
    There’s other countries too you know where this isn’t as big as an issue.
    IMHO from what I see on the news the anti-Israel and anti semitism sounds like a big scary issue; forget everything else. Is it physically safe for me as an american-israeli jew to step foot on a college campus?

    in reply to: Sending Jewish Children to Secular College #1713088

    Depends how religious the person is.
    Depends what type the college is.
    Depends on how necessary college is.
    Depends on the the options.
    Depends on how often there is classes and for how many years.
    Depends on how strong the person is.
    Depends on what the person’s rav says.

    in reply to: Adama Veshamayim – Avoda Zara #1713084

    It doesn’t matter what the rest said. Avodah Zara is not allowed. Period.
    Halacha states it would be better to be KILLED and you are looking for a kula?!

    in reply to: Adama Veshamayim – Avoda Zara #1712549

    1. It can well be said that singing β€˜adamah veshamayim…’ today has become a Minhag Yisrael and gets that special halachic status, which would mean that it is automatically valid as long as there is ANY legitimate backing for it

    Uh, I don’t know how minhag yisroel works. But with that logic, you are saying if enough people do something it’s muttar. So we can make it muttar to do biluy arayos if it’s common? Cuz I think avodah zara and giluy arayos are on the same level, the whole die before you do it type.

    in reply to: It’s different OOT>>>>>We work together as one community #1705990

    @Amil Zola

    No place is perfect. I just want to point out the downfalls of living out of town, and remind people that there needs to be things to be looked into.

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