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    …and try to spend as least time as possible on the internet that may take away precious time that can be used for personal growth.As for myself, i turn on the computer in the morning to YWN to check out the news and then within 15 minutes the computer is shut for the day. In the evening may download shiurim(lectures) from sites as learn torah or torah anytime that will listen to on my MP3 player at a later time.

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    The Rav Shlesinger of Yerushalayim is not the same as Rav Shlesinger listed on the Ricola candies that have a hechsher.

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    First,the parents of many baby boomers were Holocaust survivors.

    They had and tried to instill in us Emuna Peshuta, this is what Hashem wants/expects us to do and if we did have questions they tried to help us understand. If not, the schools in those years had teachers were examples of Torah and that helped too. And so too when it came to shidduchim, it was usually a friend, acquaintance who read a shidduch. Even if the backgrounds were different, there was trust that if Mr. or Mrs. so and so redt this for us, there must be something to it. So in one family you can find children marrying to diff backgrounds, such as diff sects of Chassidus, Litvish and sometimes even a frum YU type.In regard to choosing a son in law, my mother would say, we take the boy,not a boy!

    Remembertoo there was one telephone with a short cord so there was not so much unecessary talk and gossip. One had a chance to think b4 they spoke. Today, too many people run to discuss such as issues with just anyone and everyone including shidduchim being redt.They speak b4 they think! Yes, there are many who wait for the phone to ring but there are others who just say a flat NO to shidduchim on no basis at all and 5 yrs. later they forget and wonder why barely a shidduch is redt to them.

    Here is an example of a baby boomer marriage of about 45-50 yrs ago.An acquaintance of mine tells the story of her sister in law from a Chassidish/Heimish(no shtreimel) background who married a

    Litvish boy from Lower East Side. One night, about 2-3 months after the wedding, the young woman shows up at her parents house saying her husband is different,meaning his customs and this is not for her. Her parents nicely told her, “you married him, this is your husband and you follow his customs”. What are the chances of something like this happening today.

    Some of the at risk kids want to be a little diff but the family won’t accept it so they just go extreme.

    Another point, which is not on subject. Many of the at risk are behaving just like the person who raised them, the babysitters who were not from unzere. Till they were little their mother dressed them in her taste and felt she was in control when at home. Once these kids are grown they do their own! At a wedding in Canada the kallah gave her Spanish maid the first dance and told her mother “she raised me so she is first”,true story. The mother’s tears were too late and wasted at this point.

    Yes, we should have events such as Tu Baav that would cater to those who really want to get married not have a good time and talk narishkeiten.

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    What about the special people who only post ICE and have a special Bina Yisaira that Hashem blessed us with, such as

    Ms Critique and others who report when deemed necessary…….

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    If you care and want you can work for the BOE which has some BYWI programs which is services for frum children in Public School Setting and you get very good benefits.You can check their website in regard to salaries. SEIT pays about $65 per hour and some agencies will give you a salary with health insurance if you commit to the amount of hours they request of you. In general, it is very individual. PTACH pays very well if you are good and inovative. In regard to P3, there is a need for good providers, unfortunatel many P3 providers are such that wanted to do SEIT or EI and feedback on them was not good so being out of work they get hold of parents who are just happy to have someone work with their child even if it ends up being someone to take their children to the park or for pizza. Yes, unfortunately many children are not being service, the time slot is just being filled. There are yeshivos such as Rabbi Bender’s in Far Rockaway that can use and hire Sp Ed fulltime teachers. To my knowledge, the job is good, pays well and has consistency, meaning you don’t have to worry about caseloads. Hatzlocha!

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    If your goal is to support your family, nice….but you also have to enjoy what you are doing! You could learn what children are about,how they think, how they “work”,who they really are, how to help them understand, how to be patient,how to enjoy reading books which help in comprehension important especially for Torah learning. Yes, alot of the material you will be taught, you may already know and feel that it is a waste of time but inorder to get that piece of paper most of us doing Sp Ed legally, went through this system. Two programs whose goal is to teach(not only get the piece of paper) and help you through in a shorter time are Touro mentor program on 53rd St in Boro Park, across from Shomer Shabbos. The head of dept is Shoshanna Gruen and will help you to the best of her ability. The second is Sara Schneirer on 47th St in Machzikei Building, with the dept head Batsheva Shanek. However, am not sure if they have a men’s division. Remember not everything that has rite in it’s name is RIGHT! So if you go for it do it right!!! On the BA level you can get financial aid and probably pick up Yeshiva and life experience credits. Hatzlocha!

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    If you are sincere, you would be an asset to the Chassidish community. Unfortunately, getting a degree is made very simple by one certain program that so many young men with the degree had alot of help from their wives in doing such as termpapers because of their minimal English.

    While doing so called Sp Ed in yeshiva setting, some yungeleit are doing very well in area of having breakfast with the melamdim,talking on their cell phones and leaving their students alone while running off to Mincha!!!…..and the kid(s) children run around, without structure and are doing nothing.

    Many yeshivos only want men therapists in the yeshiva,true.Too many children previously being serviced by patient women are not reaching their goals.

    Yes, have been in the field for many years and do so per diem currently.

    So, if your middle name is EMES, go for it. Yes, you will have to work hard, be patient and be prepared with new activities and realize that each child is an individual and you can’t come in with one plan that will be good for all. Hatzlocha Rabba!!! You will have to work many hours to take home a decent pay to support your family. Good Luck!

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    The answer to your question is simple, we get clothing in clothing stores. If you want to dress Chassidic you can go to 51st Street corner New Utrecht Avenue in Boro Park, Brooklyn and you can get A-Z in Chassidic Garb from underwear to hat.

    In my opinion, before clothing type, you would benifit with some guidance and help to feel who you really are, not who/what you want to appear as.

    Perhaps you join/stop by a shul such as Emunas Yisroel on 16th Avenue between 44th and 43rd Streets in Boro Park Brooklyn. This shul is Chassidic and English speaking too. Ask for such as Rabbi Mordechai Finkleman or Rabbi Fishel Shechter and i’m sure, they as patient as the scholar Hillel was, will be able to help you or direct you. I am sure they can set you up for Shabbos by a family who will make you feel at home and comfortable.

    Welcome back and Hatzlocha, Good Luck.

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    Let’s hold a Chinese Auction!!!!

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    Let’s fargin! Parnossah is from Hashem and He does not need our help we for sure need His and are dependent on His help.

    If the signs are for something else, well Good Luck and why waste Tzedaka money on so much advertising.

    A real good Tzedaka cause does not need and should not do any advertisement!!!!!

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    Our children just booked someone Meltzer for their I”H upcoming simcha. They are getting an excellent deal for far lower than “brand name” photographers. For example the overtime starts later than others quoted and for about $50 less per hour on the overtime.

    The information they got was excellent and the pictures they saw were very nice too.

    They are at work now so can’t get you the number. If you are interested, let me know and will post it later.

    No i am not the photographer, just one of the grandparents who gladly will help in paying the bills for this simcha.

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    Go ask a Gadol Hador in Eretz Yisroel and let us know what he says and what he says on the whole idea of proposing which is something not according to Torah values.

    Mazel Tov!

    The kosel is a Makom Kadosh and abused in many ways with people using it as social hangout. Someone once pointed out to me that one was not even permitted to taked photos as the kosel, so we stopped.

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    …..all is okay if the girl’s side has money. Seriously, look around and see how some people all of a sudden are not makpid about same names of such as daughter in law and mother in law or son in law and father in law, if there is alot of money so the couple could live happily after and of course follow the rules of the side funding their happy go lucky free life!!!!

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    All the experts on YWN with their advice are jumping to give advice with only reading one side of the story. In my opinion something happened between the writer and her friend. We don’t know what happened. Did she say something which was taken out of context or was it a bad joke, we don’t know. This is not the place to discuss such matters and get carried away with advice. My recommendations is for her, on her own, to call a Rav or such as the Chofetz Chaim Heritage who may recommend a Rav with whom she can discuss such matters. Unfortunately, this young girl writes that she and her friend were super close. In Yiddish there is a saying that something with a TOO is not good. One has to rethink twice before doing or saying certain things, with consideration of outcome. With the technologies today of instant communication, people are too quick to sometimes make use of….leads to unintended trouble. Remember the saying “think twice before you speak”. This girl is perhaps speaking out of guilt of something that happened between her and her friend.With Hashem’s help all should/will work out for the best. Hatzlocha!

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    Perhaps call the phsychologist that can be seen on this site now and let’s hear his answer.

    In reading some of the answers, the use of “I” or “He” points to a problem of fingerpointing and people who are in the ego stage which is what children up to 2 yrs. of age are about.

    It’s nice to have a neat closet and what the Binah or other magazines sometimes show is not realistic, it just looks nice on paper. An acquaintance of mine had steady help who kept on rearranging her linen closet to look nice. Slowly she watched her rearrange everything till she found the “secret” places and cleaned them out too.

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    This Tzippy Caton is real and amazing and someone to look up to and learn from. This conversation she had is real. Read her book and you will learn who she is and what she is about. Many people being challenged with the disease choose not to speak about it and B”H go on with their lives just as they would if they had a bad cold, strep or minor surgery. Attitude is very important and not telling people is a personal choice. Today the cure rate is B”H very high. Illnesses such as pnemonia and polio were looked upon just the same till a cure was sent by Hashem. Al Tadin Es Chaveiro Ad Shetagi L’Mkomo!!!

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    For one’s personal record of howmany times they visit Israel and for reasons if the government starts up with you and you end up with someone who does not speak not understand English well!

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    Good Luck!

    It is not always as simple as presented by some.

    We had children living in Israel. One had no problem and the other was given the run around and could not even get health insurance. Whatever they tried did not work. So they came bach to the USA.

    Even if your parent(s) were not born in Israel but lived there for even a short time, they may bother you.

    Each time we travel, they bother me tooand ask for my Israeli passport. They have even used tricks to try to frame me, but i’m the wrong person to start with.

    In the past, my husband asked to have both his Israeli and US passport stamped. On our most recent trip to Israel they refused and only stamped his Israeli passport.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Heard his voice on an advertisement on one of the Jewish stations of late. He really had a simchas hachayim and did a great job.

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    About the police giving tickets…is strange as i thought parking at a pump was not legal, yet this is where the police park near my house to goof off, busy on their shmutz phones, eating free lunch and other things i won’t mention. About the chalk, the rain does a good job washing the chalk off. As long as the houseowner doesn’t mind, i don’t see the problem. It gives the sidewalk some color!!!! I could list alot of things people do that are illegal and annoying with this at least the kids are having a good time and not annoying anyone except for nickpickers!!!

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    What is the big deal. You can purchase the DVD for $20 and enjoy more than once. It is funny and entertaining. We enjoy watching it again and again!! It would be nice to see more such type of DVDs in our stores.

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    Excellent points and comments in favor of the working Yeshiva boy who remains and looks ehrlich even in the work force. Alot of the so called learning boys will have their family look into shidduchim only if there is money, which means the father is working. As far as the seminaries are concerned, some especially the ones in Eretz Yisroel is really a business. With the amounts charged is a way of able to afford living(for the ones running the seminaries) in Eretz Yisroel. At least 60% of the girls will admit that they were forced to go to Eretz Yisroel because of being able to do a good shidduch.

    Too many youngsters are fooling themselves and others which lead to broken shidduchim and divorces.

    This past week i met mothers of 22+ girls that are looking for settled working boys so that I”H when time comes they can be stay at home Moms and not having their children raised by others not of our faith(and then you wonder why these children later go OTD to join the babysitters lifestyle).

    Yes, i too heard of story where H.S. or Yeshiva tried to convince girls/boys to stay in seminary/Yeshiva and later on called them for big donations. And if they do give big money, suddenly this working boy will be welcomed to the tune of “Ohr Zaruah Latzaddik” by the same person who may have made their life difficult! Yes, if this boy who went to work, was made feel like a big zero and now gives them big money he really is a Tzaddik!

    In our society we should really start being more honest and open and not busy with wrong philosophies that add up to a big sheker.

    If we were to put closed circuit T.V.s near and around some of the seminaries , yeshivos and kollelim you would see howmany would be better off in the work force than wasting there time with too many breaks outside with their cellphones on “shmutzbook”,smoking,just shmoozing and again wasting their time and lying about their so called learning or studying!!!

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    This issue should be discussed with a Rav that you feel comfortable with as each parent/child relationship is different as each home is. This site may give you personal suggestions but may be far from what you are looking for in terms of answers!

    As you grow older and see things differently, you may regret what you may today do or say.

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    Honestly speaking they are but get help from parents with moderation, meaning no luxaries including living on credit cards. They are Kollel families and live their lives as such.

    Those who came back from E”Y do not have cars. We let them use ours when they have need for a vehicle.

    You may be entitled to some aid in terms of HUD(section 8), Food Stamps and Americhoice that will help till you get yourself financially established.

    If your husband is ready to work and do any type of work to start with you Bezras Hashem should be able to do it!

    Hatzlocha Rabba!

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    Officially all of BMG does not have internet, so you won’t get responses directly. Our children moved back after 6+ and ++++++++++years in Eretz Yisroel. They settled in Brooklyn.

    About getting kids into schools, probably there may be a reason for that too. For example, one couple who moved from Brooklyn to Lakewood and lived in the complex where our children used to live, commented that in Boro Park she would dare not go with the headcovering(rather uncovering) she does in Lakewood! ….then you’ll hear that the kids can’t get into good schools or yeshiva?!?!?!?! Lakewood is not a free for all. Its’ intentions are to be a fine,frum community, not a haven for people who want to be more modern and think in Lakewood anything goes.

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    You can’t just go with anyone as unfortunately there have been too many disappointments with people promising new developments and not coming through. Hamodia and Yated have listings. Make sure to always ask for references when dealing with brokers. Make sure these references are not standups!!!! Good luck. It is a big adjustment moving back. Our children move back to U.S. last summer and i won’t be surprised if they decide to move back to Eretz Yisroel!!!

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    Aside from lighting 2+ 1 for each child i also light a candle for each grandchild. The table looks magnificient and we enjoy it very much.

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    Sommerset had houses in area range of $350,000 which is a 5 bedroom house, with attic and legal rentable basement for which you can get about $1,300.00 rent. If you have family in area have them drive over and inquire.

    The house is big,roomy but will be only as fancy as you make it.

    If not, it’s nice and you will enjoy.

    Nice community!

    No, out kids are in a different area of Lakewood and have been there for a long time.

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    If the college would have a dress code which would include longer skirts would you have this problem? If you would get yourself another few easy credits for wearing longer skirts would you have this problem? …are you perhaps ashamed of showing you are a frum girl. By the way are there any Moslems with their hair covered in this college who feel this way about covering their hair all the time???

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    Appreciation of any aspect of Judism, being frum is something that has to be incorporated way before high school days.

    We have grandchildren who attend a certain Chassidishe yeshiva and every Erev Shabbos all the students meet in a special room called Oneg Shabbos where they learn a new song/zemiros, hear a nice story to share at the Shabbos table and get dvar Torah to share at home. In addition there are other handouts they receive which will keep them occupied over Shabbos,which include questions and stories to read and share.

    For the ladies annual party, the boys all did some crafts as a Challah dekel, challah board or other crafts which was presented to each mother. The children look foward and are excited for Shabbos. It is a pleasure to spend Shabbos with them and the Seuda can stretch for as long as we want without devorim betailim,nonsense. Throwing halachos and not do lists is not the way to present Shabbos. Unfortunately, improvement is needed is the area of Shabbos appreciation. Recently, when sitting on the porch close to Motzei Shabbos i overheard children calling who was first for the computer once Shabbos was out. ……and we can’t blame schools as chinuch begins at home. Schools and yeshivos are for content subjects!!!

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    There’s nothing wrong in acknowledging your mother. While growing up post Holocaust years, here in America we always made Mother’s Day Cards in Bais Yakov and in our family some of us still continue with the cards. No my children don’t send me any cards but that is the new generation for most part and it would make me feel good if i were to get a card or a call wishing me Happy Mother’s Day as i will to them. For those who say it’s a issur m’doraisa, could you let us know the exact words and where it is written? And to all you mother’s out there HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY today and every day of the year, with gezunt,parnassah and nachas till 120 years!!!!

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    for dairy in Boro Park

    Kaff’s Cafe 54th corner 16th Avenue

    Corner Cafe Dahill Rd. around the corner from The Palace

    Motti’s Pizza on 16th Avenue bet. 50 and 51 has an upstairs where they cater

    Shem Tov 13th Avenue corner 54th Street have a small hall for catering on New Utrecht between 53rd and 54th Street. The food there is delicious. Try their vegetable soup and you’ll be returning for more.

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    What about receiving mail from such as an old age home which is not longer in existance, in fact there is a church on site today.

    What about solicitations with a Brooklyn P.O.Box for an orphanage in Israel that no longer exists.

    What about your name being on a list that is sold and resold and you get multiple mailings.

    We get mailings for anyone ever living in the building,a private house so even if only two families one may think it is a multiple 6 family house.

    What about mailings for such listing one for Hebrew name, one for legal name, individual for each spouse and together which is a total of 5….and the postage is being paid for you and me.

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    Gan Yisroel and Bais Brocha. Both stress midos and learn in a style which caters to each individual needs.

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    Absolutely not!!!

    How about people working night shifts trying to stay awake.

    How about someone doing chesed and sitting by the bedside of someone in the hospital and they want lights out so one cant read,learn,talk on the phone and need some stimulation.

    By the way i thought internet was a no-no for yeshiva boys and girls. By the way are we talking about boys looking for full support,a car, house, vacations and a wife to do his laundry and meals?!?!?!?!?….and the girls are they the ones whom the parents had to take second or third mortgages so they can go to seminary in EY and just goof off!?!?!?!?!

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    Amen to the last comment!…..and what about married children who choose to change their lifestyle and take their children and mix them up? That too is something that i don’t wish any Yiddishe parent to have to live with as they watch their grandchildren drift away from us and don’t want to acknowledge(frum family members).

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    There are many pre WWII Hungarians still alive here in our midst and continuing tradition of food, language and in der heim customs. My husbands family chose to stay in Romania after the war and stayed till 1962 when Communism basically took over. Surprisingly, being that i learned Hungarian just by listening to my parents speak, my husband and me very often speak the language too. Our children also understand and speak a little. Our cooking is 90% Hungarian. So traditions are passed on to the next generation and will phase out. In regard to Oberlanders, i too agree that here in N.Y. it’s very rare. Kehillos such as Nitra and Vien who were considered Oberlander,davened Ashkenaz,with many men clean shaven and wore up hats have changed to Chassidish all the way. But a fact is fact that the ehrlichkeit of the Oberlanders is something to be looked up at, as rare as it may be and something to learn from.

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    Dear Ms. Jobless,

    The question is where and how you got your degree from. Yes, because many areas are flooded many agencies have the upper hand and look at where you got your degree from. Some ez programs which may sound quick and easy to do won’t get you far in the job market today because of availability. Speaking for myself i was from the first group of SEIT bilinguals certified in 1992. In those years we had the phone number of the top person in DOE in Albany who answered our questions and guided us.

    If you are professional, like what you are doing and with good schooling there should be no problem with getting a job. With myself i have as much work that i want and when i want it. This year i decided not to take cases and yes i was called back to work and pick and choose my cases.

    Your objective should be enjoying what you are or will be doing.If the primary objective is earning alot money, that will come through and no job for you and even if you land a job and are just busy counting how much money you will earn, you won’t last long working. Yes, i know you need the parnassah but you can’t make that the main thing now. Start at what you can get and you can work your way up if you are good at what you do.

    Currently i am taking my grandchild for P/T to an agency run and owned by frum people but hiring physical therapists with schooling from top schools not the overnight degree programs. None of the parents, most of whom are ultra frum have an issue with children being serviced by different ethnicities and who don’t speak Yiddish or men servicing girls. The parents want quality servicing!! So if you want to land a good job do it the right way not throug such as programs which sound as right but called REIT(pronounced right).

    Too many P3 providers are those therapists who were doing SEIT and went through many agencies who saw through them very quickly and no more cases for them.

    Another issue about P3 in schools is that they may hire a superviser who is the so called P3 provider who signs for all children who are approved and this supervisor then hires young girls for as low as $10 to provide services. So yes, this supervisor has a good job and the school does not have to pay them a salary and someone without a degree is doing the work. Some of these girls without degrees may or may not be qualified…and even if yes will not go to any college program.

    Good Luck to all of you going for quick degrees but remember most parents will do information on therapists as by a shidduch.

    in reply to: Most Capable Minds in Klal Yisroel #929025

    Most of us would not use such as doctors or dentists with the schooling some of these young women are getting to get their Master’s, such as in the education field and social worker areas especially! Many young men would love to go to work rather than warm benches but the young women are proud to say their husband are in kollel, with many of them being oblivious to what too many of these so called bench warmers are really doing all day.

    in reply to: Giving Tzedaka to Beggars #926745

    My sister and i were on the train this week and a non Jew was collecting for his rent and food. He thanked me for the nickle which was the only change i had .He thanked me very nicely and said G-d bless you. So in essence it is making a kiddush Hashem, even if for a non Jew as was in the case after hurricane when us Yidden helped all who needed help. Tizku T’Mitzvos….one never know who may be Eliyahu Hanavi!!!

    in reply to: English is Absent and Math Doesn't Count at Brooklyn's Biggest Yeshivas #924948

    Math is not a secular subject it is a life tool. However, with letting such as calculators being used, the use of Math and head will soon be obsolete.

    In Eretz Yisroel, even in the Charedi schools math is taught in seriousness. We have family that move here from Eretz Yisroel. The boys were in Chasidishe yeshivos as Skvere and Chochmas Shlome. Here in U.S.A., yes they need help with the English but are on a way higher level in math. One boy is having problem because he finishes the math work given in class within the first 5 minutes where some students never even finish. This boy probably knows more than the teacher and therefore is being picked and punish. B”H he has normal parents, involved and are dealing with this. For the menahel this was an eye opener and realizes there is truth to math being labeled as a secular subject. But will there be change…. that only Hashem knows and time will tell.

    Math therefore,should be incorporated with the limudei Kodesh. However, unfortunately many Rebbeim themselves are not good at math and therefore that would mean Yeshivos would need to hire math teachers for which yeshivos will claim they don’t have money.

    My sons went to ultra Chasidishe yeshivos where there was no English after 8th grade, so we home schooled and it was really worth it. When my son would show the math such as Algebra or geo that he was learning, some very studious boys wanted to learn. Alot of this would have helped in learning. As early as Parshas Noach we have math, such as in building of taiva.

    The Vilna Gaon also wrote a sefer Ayil Meshulash on trig, and as one of our sons math teacher would say, it was not written in the outhouse.

    Parents have to be more tuned into the overall chinuch/education of their children. Especially today with gadgets that take away the mind from normal thinking and into the world of shmutz, introducing mind using subjects as math at an earlier age and not labeling it as a secular subject should and would help.

    Instead of walking the streets and staring at the avoda zora referred to as i phones, stare at your children and talk to them.

    Get off the phones and get involved with your children.

    If the schools/yeshivos don’t teach math, then get workbooks and help them at home, not only with the Math but other subjects too.

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    It’s not what it used to be. Just take a walk over one evening during sessions and visit the office, speak to the people and students and you’ll see for yourself.

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    Hatzlocha Rabbah!

    If you are here because of shidduchim, i would reconsider Lakewood.

    Unfortunately, there are many girls 25+ in Lakewood, who are not married and shidduchim is not what one would think would be. Some of these girls are daughters whose fathers’ were encouraged to stay in learning or go into klei kodesh and now when many fathers of prospective young men ask about some of these girls, it is a double standard as too many are encouraged to go with the businessman. Some of the eligible girls that i know have excellent paying jobs and even purchased a home that no longer carries a mortgage but the parents of the boys want the parents of the girls with money.

    Yes, it is a shame but is true!

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    Sorry, but our family has all types Chassidish,Litvish,Heimish,Yerushalmi,modern. At our simchos you see men from wearing just a knitted kipa to shtreimlich and in between there are up hats, down hats, no hats… i am speaking from experience.

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1181496

    Did any of you ever hear the saying “whatever i learned, i learned in kindergarten”. My profession takes me to schools, both boys and girls and what i sometimes see makes my blood boil. Kids as young as 8 being slapped for narishkeiten by a Rebbe, probably taking his frustrations out on the little kids and when inquiring you find out that his experience is ….yes….used to pack boxes in back of a factory!!! Most of these children who feel they had enough have a lot of built up emotions and were afraid of speaking up or even when they did were ignored because the parents may have been too busy for them (especially these days with such as what we are doing on CR or never taking a parenting course which they denied needed). Howabout letting small 2 1/2 year olds running around on their own in a big hall/lunchroom while Rebbe is eating breakfast. Yes, amigo is watching them while he is eating his treif food and getting the kosher school lunch ready and no he is not wearing gloves. So the falling in Yiddishkeit is not falling, it is part of the foundation he got when he started Yeshiva and the parents were ignorant to what really was happening.

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    Sitting in is not a Chassidish minhag, it is a frum minhag. There are some very real Litvish yeshiva boys that are sitting in these days and making a decision after 4 times. So far there have been no divorces among this group but from those of you who are busy looking at the gashmius, there are divorces, broken engagements and committments to such as shmutzbook(facebook). Rabbi Ephraim Waxman wrote an article about dating in a Jewish Observer a few years ago. Try to get an issue and then you’ll see the truth. Going in public places as the weather gets warmer is like walking in a zoo of humans. Statistics of divorces among frum Yidden who are Chassidish, although unfortunately more heard of than years ago is still far less than among other types!

    By the way there are people with beautiful homes who offer there homes for sit ins, so that the atmosphere is more relaxed than in ones own home or that of the other side of the date.

    Yes, i am speaking from experience of having married off all our children B”H without these narishkeiten, but focusing on what is important in marriage and how the children will grow together.

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    Oh my, i just figured out who is being discussed in this forum. For your own benefit, stop discussing someone’s private medical issues! Yes, whoever knows me thinks i am an undercover and work for the FBI and CIA!!!

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    read Letters to the editor in this weeks Flatbush Jewish Journal and stop blaming Rosh Yeshivos…’s mostly Mamma’s fault who have not looked into the mirror since they were 17 and have not taken a photo of their darling son and looked and his changes the past 10 years!!!!

    in reply to: Over 70% of Orthodox Jews are Chareidim #1098060

    Boruch Hashem we are finally being noticed and all are welcome to join and continue making a kiddush Hashem…..and for those who can’t admit and start fargining, i would recommend reading some of the books by Rabbi Shalom Arush and translated by Rabbi Lazar Brody…and yes check out and learn who Rabbi Brody is and what he started out as.

    in reply to: brisk bocurim vs. other yeshivos #869708

    Yes, you are being a little unrealistic. In not naming yeshivos, there are others that are more private, cater to each individual needs and come out with more than some popular so called name brand yeshivos. Beside the yeshiva, the home, foundation of where the bochur comes from should be of great importance too.

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