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    It will be my honour

    in reply to: Shocking Study of Modern Orthodox OTD Rate #941504

    If anyone wonders why we are stuck in Galus, just read through this thread…

    We as Jews are our own worst enemy and sadly probably deserve what we have gotten since the beginning of time…

    in reply to: No More Yeshiva World News :( #876548

    Feif Un…so by visiting this site, I am contributing to the parnassah of the staff of YWN…

    Helping someone be self sufficient (by supporting their work) is the highest form of tzedakah according to the RAMBAM…

    Thus by visiting sites that people earn a living from, I am helping them be self sufficient

    Hence, using the internet is a noble thing to do and a big Mitzvah…

    Yes, No, Maybe?

    so you are posting a link to an online video, talking about how bad the internet is….am I the only one who finds this funny?

    in reply to: No More Yeshiva World News :( #876541

    I’m just trying to point out how silly the whole thing is.

    To say the whole Internet is assur, well I don’t buy it. How is loging on to a site like and listening to the vast amount of shuirs wrong? How is it wrong to check out the OU’s site for updates on kashrus assur?

    I’m not one who believes that banning is the answer. Educate, use filters, keep your computer in a public room and monitor Internet activity…

    That is the answer

    But those at citi field will say trying to justify it is only my yetza harrah talking

    Which it is not, or maybe it is, no its not, well….

    In order to comply with the ban; I am now forbidden to listen to shuirs on, look up the latest kosher food news on or book flights/hotels online taking advantage of discounted online rates….Regardless, I think I still will 🙂

    in reply to: Would you serve in US army if drafted? #875302

    tahini-VERY WELL SAID

    in reply to: Over 70% of Orthodox Jews are Chareidim #1098084

    who cares what you define yourself as or what you wear?

    “That which is despicable to you, do not do to your fellow, this is the whole Torah, and the rest is commentary, go and learn it.”

    in reply to: Wearing a jacket off the shoulder #874039

    Maybe they think they are a superhero and using their jacket as a cape?

    in reply to: Mixed Dancing??? #873875

    When you say mixed dancing, are you referring to different styles of dancing? For instance starting off with a waltz, then moving onto ballroom dancing, adding a bit of tap and ending the song with some ballet moves? Maybe even adding the twist for good measure?

    Because if this is the issue, although it may look a bit funny I don’t see how it concerns you. If you feel more comfortable sticking with one genre of dance you should feel free to do so.

    in reply to: Jews forced off Jet Blue Flight #916229

    If he was so concerned about the possibility of sitting next to a women, than he should have

    Bought an extra seat near him thus preventing having a neighbor

    Driven down

    Fly a private jet with his family

    in reply to: Words from an ex IDF solider for Yom HaZikaron #1163192

    I am a Zionist and proud of it. There is nothing anybody in this world could say to me that will change my mind, not even for a second. I support the IDF and all the brave men and women who serve in it. Be it Haredi or one from the most secular kibbutz you can find.

    in reply to: going to football games #872264

    Is lawn bowling just as bad as bowling in an alley?

    in reply to: The smell of yogurt #873978

    find a new group of people to carpool with, or bring a chop liver sandwich with lots of onions with you.

    in reply to: SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT #870865

    Shticky Guy…I can’t take credit for it…It was passed on to me in an email and thought is was worth sharing. Especially when it seems that friction among all Yidden seems at an all time high.

    in reply to: Weight Watchers- Old Vs. New Program #871352

    My wife lost about 15 pounds in 3 month with Weight Watchers. She felt the program was well designed and easy to follow without sacrificing too much of her favorite foods….She also purchased some of their snacks which was certified OU…now she’s bugging me to go on 🙂 hope this helps!

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1181294

    ” I wouldn’t complain if he ends up with a good job with a kipa on his head…”

    instead of “not complaining” about this outcome, maybe it should be encouraged….

    Our Yeshivas need options, real options for those who are cut out to be in Kollel their entire lives.

    in reply to: Blue Jays #869271

    Go Expos

    in reply to: My Dream this past Shabbos (Rishon Shel Pesach) #867534

    interesting dream, however not all wealth or those who have accumulated it are all bad…Major donations from the wealthy have allowed yeshivas, hospitals and other essential services to continue operating

    in reply to: Going to a game a chole hamod #867303

    fed ben fed…well said…better to teach them young how to handle the outside world so they will know how to deal with it when they are in it….assuming of course that they leave yeshiva/kollel one day and work…

    in reply to: Davening Gemara #1017058

    maybe this is none of your business and you should be concern with your learning?

    in reply to: OPENING DAY!!! #922376

    this thread is a SHANDA!

    in reply to: Going to a game a chole hamod #867299

    batter up!

    in reply to: Pesach circa 1980 VS Pesach 2012 #867644

    If it’s kosher for pesach, then why not?

    In 1980 there was no cell phones, internet email etc…should I abandon all those as well because I didn’t grow up with them?

    in reply to: What Non-Toradik activies are acceptable? #867717

    The Library, Zoo, Museums, Mall , Sports are all ACCEPTABLE!

    If they aren’t someone should tell all the Frum people I’ve seen at baseball games, the zoo and malls this past week.

    For those who say it’s assur, well I say keep it to yourself and let the “sinners” worry about themselves.

    So enjoy the weather and have some fun with your kids…show them a good time…Chag Sameach!

    in reply to: YU for girls #866472

    Jew on Jew hatred at it’s finest on this thread…

    in reply to: Why dont high school girls no how to spell and right ? #866146

    You don’t need to spell to raise a family 🙂

    in reply to: Coca~Cola #865935

    “Why drink Coca Cola at all. The company is a big sponsor of lifestyles that are not for anyone, least of all for yidden.”

    “Loyal jew- So are most foods! For one thing liquer…. And we use it for a miztvah!!!!:(“


    in reply to: Shalom Bayis during a Womans Pregnancy #865206

    “Do they become moody? Do they still cook?”

    They better still cook…

    in reply to: Eating With Your Hands #862772

    I eat pizza with chop stix, but sushi with a knife and fork…go figure.

    in reply to: MO wanna-bes #861216
    in reply to: what do you think of daf yomi? #860773

    So, basically it’s all or nothing….If you can’t devout your entire day to learning, then better to not learn at all…

    in reply to: Weight Loss for a Child #860066

    One thing that I feel is missing is more sport leagues in Frum communities. It would be nice if there was a soccer, baseball or basketball team your son could join.

    Completive sports is a great way to get into shape, teach children how to work within a group for the good of the team. It teaches self discipline and working towards a goal…

    I know there are several Jewish Leagues in the NJ area that is very popular. Maybe it is worth looking into?

    It would be amazing if they could combine it with learning.

    in reply to: Tefilla for teens in crisis – need your ideas to improve it #857909

    SilentOne…The strongest Tefilla are the ones that come from the heart…wonderful job

    in reply to: Facebook #859324

    Facebook is also used as a marketing tool by many large companies. It’s away to keep business in touch with their consumers. My company uses it as a marketing tool and we have had some measure of success…

    Yeshiva world news also has a facebook page (in case you didn’t notice the F in a blue box icon on the top of this page”

    Like everything else it can be used for good and bad, you decide

    in reply to: Facebook #859315

    I’ll sit back and watch the fire works!

    in reply to: Yeshiva's reading rules #858486


    in reply to: Another former Hasid on TV…AGAIN! #857460

    soliek….I agree you can’t push people into different occupations. But you are correct, Therapist should be seen as a perfect legitimate occupation and the frum world can certainly use more frum professionals that people can turn to for help…

    in reply to: jeans……?? yes? no? black? white? #856838

    If your reason for not wearing jeans is because it is goyish, then the same argument can be made about eating chocolate, since it was first discovered by the native population in Mexico

    in reply to: Copying Music #860852

    Theft is theft, regardless if the artist is Jewish or not…

    in reply to: Yeshiva's reading rules #858468

    I edited my kids version of Dr Seuss’ book Green Eggs and Ham…

    I changed it to Purple Eggs and Schmaltz herring..

    in reply to: murder mysteries #857684

    What about ??? and ???? Although, we all know who did what to whom…

    in reply to: Afford life insurance? #1151950

    I have term…it’s very affordable and allows me to sleep well at night knowing my family will be taken care of…that is priceless!

    in reply to: oprah and chassidishe family #851898

    other than that, I had no problem with it…

    in reply to: oprah and chassidishe family #851894

    All in All I thought it was well done and certainly made Jews look very good…

    in reply to: Attn: The Wolf. #852856

    I actually think Wolf is one of the more logical and brighter posters on here. His sarcasm and dark sense of humour is very entertaining.

    He gets it!

    in reply to: How to solve the shidduch crisis? #851238

    For one thing it’s time that parents stop demanding their son’s only marry girls whose father promise to support them…

    There are plenty of eligible good girls who can’t get dates because they don’t come from money; and would require their future husbands to work…for many this is a deal breaker….

    This is how it works…as they say; you have to pay to play!

    in reply to: Memoir called "Unorthodox" and its effect on us #868504

    msseeker…you should read;

    “The Garden of Peace: A Marital Guide for Men Only”

    in reply to: life insurance, Halacha issue? #850612

    I’m technically worth more dead than alive!

    in reply to: Attn: The Wolf. #852827

    He has been called an Apikores here more times than I can count…I guess he believes the hype!

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