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    nisht- it’s interesting how you assumed zd’s sources would be apikorsim, but it turned out to be that the shitah he quoted is backed by huge gedolei yisroel.

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    yaakov doe- But since Heschel allied himself with the conservative moment (by teaching at their flagship school), he is partly responsible for “what they have become” today. Maybe if he had more strongly pushed his apparently frum views, JTS would now be a real torah center.

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    i thought you were gonna coin a new phrase- binge starving. so I was a bit disappointed after opening the thread.

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    It’s nice to talk in the abstract about which particular presidents and parties are bad or good, but I want to hear from y’all about how Obama has impacted YOUR life negatively or positively, and how voting republican or democrat has affect YOU on a personal level.

    I don’t care much for politics, but I have Obama to thank for letting me stay on my parents’ health care insurance plan until I’m 26. Also, I know a few people with complex diseases (like many kids at camp simcha, hasc, etc) who are so grateful that obamacare eliminated the 1 million dollar lifetime “cap’ that used to exist on how much insurance you could have. Regardless of his other failings, I’m so happy Obama was successful here.

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    he could listen to jewish roots.

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    nicha lei l’inish does not apply if the cheftza would be irreparably damaged by someone else’s use. I think the mishnah berurah has an example that you can’t take another guy’s sefer cause your using it would devalue the sefer. In this case, not only is the food devalued, it doesn’t exist! So it should be assur from that angle.

    which mod changed the title? big skoyach cause thats hilarious!

    100, thank you.

    why do you keep posting mekoros to back up your position long after people have stopped debating you. mima nafshach, either you’re just right, or people find you so annoying that they don’t engage you in conversation anymore.

    why do you keep posting mekoros to back up your position long after people have stopped debating you. mima nafshach, either you’re just right, or people find you so annoying that they don’t engage you in conversation anymore.

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    voz is a patroines?

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    what? pretty sure ferd means horse- are you sure these are the right lyrics?

    in reply to: How do we know? #1019789

    Another classic one is how do we know that other people think?

    in reply to: your indian name #1019177

    Bookworm- what language is that? The work kitabi sounds like the shoresh ?.?.?.

    in reply to: YU #1019102

    haktan- if so many gedoilim were against it, then why would rav shkop zt”l step foot in YU, let alone accept a teaching position there?

    in reply to: Segulos for Shidduch #1018995

    Ramban holds that only tefillah be’eis tzarah is midioraisa, so yes, it’s more important.

    in reply to: Abridged/Censored Classic Works for Jewish Schools…? #1019136

    if anyone starts to look for hora’ah in english literature, then I guess they will.

    in reply to: Segulos for Shidduch #1018972

    1. say shir hashirim and/or tehillim for a while (some do for davka 40 days). Also, there is a tefillah from the Shelah Hakodosh that you can find easily online.

    in reply to: D-day and hallel #1018664

    akuperma- So say Israel’s military victories are nissei nistar.

    in reply to: Ad Hominem Attacks #1018620

    mods, I think you should close this thread.

    in reply to: Shmuly Yanklowitz, Novominsker and OO theology #1095130

    In other words ‘do I have to be consistent and not hypocritical.’

    in reply to: Shmuly Yanklowitz, Novominsker and OO theology #1095121

    PAA- that’s not fair at all. 1,000 years ago, the people who believed in fairies were wrong, and we know that now. People who believe in fairies today are not just wrong, but stupid. Same case here. Someone who made an incorrect hashkafic calculation generations ago was wrong. Now that they have been wrong for years, for you to agree with them is like believing in fairies, in that both are stupid.

    in reply to: singles community #1018702

    Wow that got crazy. Sm29 was just trying to make a distinction between MO and yeshivish communities in LA. Yes, they could have said it better, but you being a smart person should have understood what they were trying to communicate and shouldn’t have incited sinah with such an angry post.

    That said, golfer’s personal anecdote is nice, but has nothing to do with emes. You think you’re promoting unity by claiming to be from a mixed family, but then defeat that purpose by claiming that its davka MO people that insult others. If you were really honest and fair, you’d be modeh that both chareidi and mo people can be demeaning of others- it’s not a hashkafah problem but a human problem. At least the MO don’t accuse chareidim of being apikorsim, amalek, and sonei Hashem. It’s probably less bad to make fun of a minhag than to call another Jew an oved avodah zarah (see Hakatan’s posts, l’mashal).

    in reply to: looking for a yeshiva in israel #1018461

    Not sure I’d call kby MO. A lot of the rebbeim are pretty chareidi (some even anti-Zionist), the dress code is stricter, and it doesn’t really encourage bachurim to serve in the army even though it’s technically hesder.

    in reply to: looking for a yeshiva in israel #1018457

    You need to figure out the answers to some additional questions before we can give you suggestions that will actually be helpful and not just waste your time.

    1. Do you want to be in yeshiva with Americans, Israelis, or both?

    2. Do you want to go to a hesder yeshiva like kby/shaalvim, a more chareidi but still relaxed place like toras moshe or beis yisroel, or a really serious top-notch chareidi yeshiva like kol torah/brisk?

    3. Do you want to go to a place where there are a lot of rules, the rebbeim have strict control over your behavior and choices, and you can’t leave to go out, or do you want to go to be in a more relaxed place?

    4. Do you want to learn gemara 3 seders a day every day, or are you also interested in lots of trips and eating pizza?

    To answer your question, I know a rebbe at yishrei lev who is incredible, but don’t know any of the bachurim there.

    in reply to: Learning Before Shavuos #1017903

    If I remember the gemara at the end of megillah correctly, wasn’t Moshe shoalin vedorshin hilchos pesach on pesach, sukkos on sukkos, etc? Is the inyan of learning 30 days before the same thing or a different idea entirely? I want to hear a good he’arah.

    in reply to: Yom Yerushalayim #1018023

    Simcha- Are you intentionally misunderstanding popa? He clearly stated a few times that he is happy for all that has happened to Israel and the miracles of the war but upset that apikorsim get to be metamei our mekomos kedoishim. One does not override the other- they are both reality!

    PAA- Reb Yosef Karo did not intend for talmidei chachamim to pasken halacha from Shulchan Aruch- that’s why he only wrote it AFTER his Beis Yosef, and that’s why its so much shorter and contains less analysis of less early mekoros.

    in reply to: The Environment and Our World- I Care About it #1204795

    Seems to me that just like Adam in gan eden, we also have a chiyuv ‘liovda ulishomra.”

    in reply to: Daas Torah #1076511

    Jbaldy’s fight. Chas vesholom that Reb Chaim wouldn’t have tried to save the Jew.

    in reply to: Relying on a nes for learning #1017705

    Sorry to disappoint the Gemara flat out says ein soimchin al hanes. There are real reasons to stay in learning though- maybe figure them out before you decide!

    in reply to: Yom Yerushalayim #1018006

    PBA’s position is well backed up in our mesorah. See Ezra 3:12-13 about the matzav during bayis sheini. {??}????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????? ???????? ??????????? ?????? ????? ???????????? ???????????? ?????????? ??? ????????? ???????????? ??????? ??????? ??????? ????????? ??????????? ?????????? ???????? ??????

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    Many of you refuse to acknowledge that history, hashgacha, and human emotions are complex. Why is it so ridiculous to be happy and sad about a complicated event

    in reply to: Yom Yerushalayim #1017985

    Popa: You’re partially right. The current situation at the kosel is definitely not the ideal that Hashem has in mind for us during the geulah sheleimah. However, we should be very afraid of committing Chizkiyahu’s mistake by NOT praising hakadosh baruch hu when it is appropriate and timely- lest we lose all the beautiful gifts of mekomos kedoshim, kivrei tzadikim, and every inch of eretz hakodesh that He has gracioulsy given to us. As the saying goes, you’re only grateful for something once you lose it. I hope Hashem never has to teach us that lesson….

    in reply to: Mechitza at Har Sinai? #1017854

    baruch shekeivanti. I understand your skepticism though, since such a tayna is difficult to support.

    in reply to: Daas Torah #1076474

    We are koneh the Torah by having emunas chachomim. Of course you should listen to one who is greater than you in learning, if discussing a shailah or Torah topic.

    in reply to: Mechitza at Har Sinai? #1017850

    They were on such a high level there was probably no chashash of kalus Rosh, so they didn’t need a mechitzah.

    I don’t chap why patur and pulsing feel the need to disparage an entire system of learning and all the big talmidei chachomim who are a part of it. Why do you have to be whiny? Patur- you are clearly a talmid chochom, so go teach shiurim and chaburos instead of posting here and criticizing other peoples’ talmud torah. Or at least, post divrei torah here, not random seforim backing up your complaints against Klal Yisroel.

    in reply to: vegetarian? halacha issue? #1024081

    By that logic, Shaul also emulated Hashem’s trait of compassion, so why did he get punished? Because it was misplaced. Hacha nami, the feeling is not being channeled into the right actions. We should start with being compassionate to people first!

    be’iyun helps you learn how to think like chazal, how to approach sugyos by applying chakiras/shas topics/your own chiddushim and other modes of analysis. If all you do in learning is race through sugyos, it will be harder to achieve real ameilus batorah since you’re only trying to cover ground and not focusing on keeping track of all the deios or chapping a machlokes rishonim.

    I see no reason why we should not make diyukim based on the loshon of rishonim. lihavdil, in law, goyim parse words and analyze texts/court decisions. In fact, there is a huge machlokes over the second amendment, and much of that debate stems over how you make diyukim in the loshon of the amendment!

    in reply to: Kiddush Clubs #1072033


    what sort of chinuch would you need to make people stop doing that? Do you mean a shiur from the rav about the importance of davening, locking all the food up, or some other way?

    in reply to: vegetarian? halacha issue? #1024070

    Do the people arguing against vegetarians a: honestly think its mutar to be cruel to animals al pi hadin or otherwise or b: simply don’t believe there is truth to any “isms” outside of torah hashkafah, so even if vegetarians make good points, we cannot hold like them?

    in reply to: Kiddush Clubs #1072031

    If there is food available, people and kids will inevitably eat it, especially since no one had breakfast beforehand and davening is long on shabbos.

    in reply to: I Need Chizuk #1016995

    Pulsing Flower: There has been a longstanding machlokes in our mesorah over the superiority of sinai (bekius) vs. oiker harim (be’iyun). Please don’t relegate an entire tzad of the machlokes to being a mere “waste of time”– chas vesholom! Aderaba, one who does not spend time working through sugyas and pouring over the rishonim and acharonim will have missed out on a fascinating and really important chelek of Torah and avodas hashem.

    If you are sefaradi, then I would definitely understand why you prefer bekius, since you are simply following in the footsteps of rav ovadia zt”l. If not, I see you no reason for you to use such harsh fighting words against beiyun, which is such an important aspect of talmud torah and yeshiva learning. I think you mean well, so would you mind being masbir your puzzling statement.

    in reply to: amen before shema #1016405

    PAA- granted that ahava raba could be a birkas hatorah of sorts. but ahavas olam couldn’t- its already nightime and you should’ve made the beracha way earlier. that doesn’t seem like so compelling logic.

    in reply to: College Major #1016633

    No, he’s just being incorrigible.

    in reply to: Do liberals practice what they preach? #1017576

    Does anyone really act in ways that are consistent with their beliefs ALL the time? For example, we frum folk all believe in Hashem, the truth of Torah, the obligation to do mitzvos, and the punishments associated with failure to do said mitzvos. Despite those strong beliefs that have been part of us since childhood and instilled by loving parents and mechanchim, we STILL make mistakes, disappoint Hashem with poor choices, and commit all sorts of aveiros. Why should you hold these goyish politicians to a higher standard then ourselves- indeed, we are all hypocritical. This is not a liberal problem, but a poshut fact of human life.

    in reply to: My sister, the future Yoetzet #1016003

    Not convinced this woman wants to push a social agenda. If her motives are pure, let her do all she can to service klal yisroel lihagdil Torah ulihadirah. If that means being a person whom women can look to for nidah questions (which is what a yoetzet is I think), beracha and hatzlachah.

    in reply to: YWN Sefira Music #1015307

    Syag- Unless your son’s rav is a musmach of YU (kidding) or relies on the daas yachid opinion of the chelkas yaakov, there really is no reason to be meikil regarding listening to ANY music unless one’s parnassah involves music or it would make one depressed to not listen.

    C”V for you to assume that what I wrote are my “feelings.” Aderabba, I rarely answer halachic questions on the cr because I’m certainly not ra’ui lifsok yet. In this case though, I have learned clear mekoros found in the works of the Aruch Hashulchan, Rav Moshe, Rav Ovadia zt”l and most recently, Rav Belsky, who are all very clear that music is assur in all forms (including acapella except if there is no digital enhancement to the voices), since listening to music is a joyous activity and could probably lead to dancing or use of kli zemer. I’m more surprised than offended that you’d accuse me of dishonesty. neseiv sefer venechzi.

    in reply to: Hasidic/Yeshivish clothing. #1018928

    Is there a rabbi near your area that you could become close with or could learn with right now (maybe from an organization like Chabad, Aish, or NCSY)?

    in reply to: Jews Are Crazy #1015811

    Could you clarify which Jews hou think are crazy? Lev Tahor? Frei Jews who don’t see the value of Torah/Mitzvos? People like little froggie who can’t take jokes?

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