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    Someone I know just went to a woman in Lakewood who charged $65 for an amazing cut. If you want I can find out the name…

    in reply to: Milchigs and/or fleishings on Shavous #770059

    I heard a shiur from Rav Yitzchok Berkowitz, SHLITA, several years ago about how in the case of shavuos, milk reperesents the Torah, and so the Simcha is through milchigs, NOT basar v’yayin like in all other yomim tovim. It was deeper than that, but that’s the gist. I wonder what his personal minhag is, but since then I think that people are misguided in their eating meat every meal for this Yom Tov.

    Does anyone agree with me that it’s become another thing that is the ‘frummer’ thing to do totally based on nothing?

    in reply to: If you could live anywhere, where would you live? #890962

    in the VERY OOT community where my parents live, but my husband wants to go into chinuch and there are no positions in the one school there now. What do you think? Go into business to live near family or go into chinuch to help klal yisrael? I want to live near my MOMMY!!!! It’s NOT fair!

    in reply to: Pesach #760176

    there is something called too much togetherness. It has been explored by many psychological theorists, particularly the founding fathers of family therapy. It is an innate, instinctual response and is normal and healthy. Everyone has their own threshold, but individuality is also important and spending time alone or away from close family members has it’s time too. Pesach and bein hazmanim does mean too much togetherness for many, which is why all the suggestions to spend time alone, take a walk, go for a drive, etc. are good ones! Don’t feel guilty, this is true for any relationship and what’s unhealthy are people who need too much togetherness or too much individuality. You need to have a good balance of both so you can develop your relationship with others as well as with yourself.

    in reply to: "Yalili" Music Video #880158

    SG-the point is the pronunciation- mama rochel is how ashkenazim pronounce it. It is a strange song, like what’s the point, but very catchy. I have a feeling that y’alili means something in some middle eastern language- does anyone know?

    in reply to: kiruv #750860

    MONEY!!!!!!!!My husband is amazing at kiruv krovim and has worked here in EY for a while in it. Now he is looking for a job in the states and NO ONE IS HIRING!!!!!!!! There is no $$$$$$. So if you know of somewhere that will take someone wanting to work in kiruv krovim…please, let me know!!!!!!!!!!

    in reply to: overweigt #748514

    eat at MOST 1200 calories a day (shabbos included) and high cardio excersize AT LEAST half an hour EVERY DAY!!! Friday and motzei shabbos included. If you really stick to that you’ll lose about 2 lb. a week….good luck! 20 lb is crazy-i like the chainsaw idea…

    in reply to: is there really a shidduch crisis??? #744673

    define crisis. numbers. then go out and do a reliable and valid statistical study to find out if the numbers of whatever you define crisis exists. Then you will really know. until you do that, it;s all a bunch of guess work….

    in reply to: HELP! horrible acne #743054

    Hi-I also met someone who said that they were told to go off of sugar and it worked immediately! They said that whenever they have a little bit of sugar, it right away comes back a little. Try it..it can’t hurt!!!!

    in reply to: Movie theaters #760201

    Isn’t there an issur about going to places of the goyim? I forgot rashi’s exact language on the pasuk but I think it seems that movie theaters would fit the bill. Anyone remember this Rashi?

    in reply to: Kosher Movies/ Torah TV #743303

    If they are torah based- like tisha B’av videos, there’s nothing wrong, in fact Hashem probably wants us to use technology to further K’vod Shamayim in this world. But any regular movie, well, where do you draw the line between what’s ‘clean’ and what’s not. We all know it’s the Yetzer Hara telling us that it is ok. If you would be comfortable watching it next to Horav Elyashiv Shlita, then it’s ok.

    in reply to: kiruv to the not yet frum #742195

    Hi- OF COURSE you should have contact with him during the week. Offer to learn something Judaism related once a week at night…invite him to come on a trip with your family on sunday…for sure purim/purim party etc. Another idea could be for you or someone else to start a learning group in the hospital where he works–a lunch/learn during lunch break. There MUST be other Jewish doctors and bring some pizza or chinese and have a learning discussion once a week. he can get involved by helping you organize it. DONT give up on one Jew just because one way didn’t work out…and if you let him know why you can’t invite him, he may want to learn more, or come when he is not working…. good luck!!!!

    in reply to: stroller advice #741436

    jl, I know what you are looking for, since I live where you daughter does (I know who you are, yes) anyhow, Inglesina and peg wheels are not really meant for Israeli terrain and don’t last. i would go with the city mini like your DIL! good luck!

    in reply to: Design Alive #745185

    I am taking just the web part (hmmm, who are you cutie pie?) just because as a designer I have to know….but there is no comparing real, live school to a web school. A real art school that’s longer than a year long is much, much better and you can get a job with a real (meaning not- jewish) company. Do you want to be doing ads for local businesses or do you want to make real money doing international level work?

    in reply to: How often is Divorce the better option for the entire family? #739784

    please MODS, don’t endorse this!! please shut this down!!!! it’s just nobody’s business to discuss this!

    in reply to: Any ideas for a good entree to serve Purim? #739879

    make meat roll (puff pastry dough with a ground meat mixture with sauted onion, garlic, chicken stock, and flour) and shape them like hamantaschen!!! it’s delicious and cute. if you want I can post an exact recipe. The truth is, it’s better looking (and tasting) if you make your own dough- it may not look like a hamantasch once it’s puffed up.

    in reply to: divorced dudes #739499

    FAULT? People, besides extreme cases of abuse and mental illness, it is the most unhelpful thing to assign blame. A relationship is a two way street and a delicate balance of two people who either have bad habits or allow bad habits to continue. Assigning blame just takes away responsibility from whoever thinks they aren’t ‘guilty’ and then noone works on the marriage…please, take away the word fault, or, for that matter, stop discussing private things that have NO toeles in a public forum!!!!!

    in reply to: How often is Divorce the better option for the entire family? #739758

    PS- and honestly, can anyone EVER answer that question for anyone besides their own family? You think you are the one to judge? Well, that has been Hashem’s job for almost 6,000 years now…(if not more)

    in reply to: How often is Divorce the better option for the entire family? #739757

    I think your question is a sad, flawed question. It shows how the community thinks it’s their business to discuss other people’s VERY private lives. If you really care about what;s best for the family, how about shutting up and NOT talking about things that don’t concern you. That is the biggest chesed (and probably halachically mandated thing) you can do for the family. If you are asking for yourself, well, I am sorry for you that YWN is your forum….and if you want to promote healthy marriages, how about starting programs, shiurim, a website for how to maintain a good marriage even when it’s hard. WE HAVE TO STOP GOSSIPING LIKE GOYIM and start minding our own business!!!!

    in reply to: A positive Shalom Bayis Thread! #753213

    You want someone to be real? i will be real. Marriage is hard and not so fun at times, but working on it for real gives you the most amazing feeling. We can get away in life without putting in too much effort, but when someone else is involved, you can’t, unless you both make a pact to be unhappy. My wife and I were having some issues- mainly compatibility issues so we decided to go for therapy and it worked! we constantly put in effort, for sure…but it is so much better. Also, because the secular world has gone to such an extreme (negative!) with regard to matters of Kedusha, the frum world, rightly or wrongly, has responded by not talking about it at all (and no, 10 kalla classes with hints don’t count). So people are going into marriage thinking these things are wrong, tammeh, and not nice. I once heard a famous frum writer and therapist say that most of his practice deals with chassidish/ yeshivish couples in this area. Find a good teacher…retake Kalla/chosson classes…or see a therapist to make your marriage as good as it can be!

    in reply to: which perfume do you like to wear? #732587

    I also agree that this is not a tznius topic, especially the post from a man telling us his favorite perfumes…would he like to share what color hair he likes in women, what size, what types of figures, etc….There’s a reason it’s assur for a married man to smell it- meaning IT’S PROVOCATIVE…i don’t think people would be discussing victoria secret’s latest products…why discuss this?

    in reply to: Web design #738011

    designalive.net (they have an ad on yeshivaworld)- it’s live but online so you do it from home…

    in reply to: Places to live outside NY #1035983

    of course,,,you can get a nice house EVERYWHERE for over $500,000…..

    in reply to: Places to live outside NY #1035974

    houston, hollywood,FL, Madison,WI, Sandy Springs,GA, Savanna,GA, Los Angeles,CA, Detroit,MI, St.Louis,Missouri, Indianappolis, Minneapolis,MN, San Antonio, San Francisco, Jacksonville,FL, Charlotte,NC, Seattle,WA, Denver, Milwaukee, Washington, Silver Spring,Portland, Tuscon, Cleveland, Raleigh,NC, Tampa. Toledo, Buffalo,NY, Orlando, Birmingham,AL, Irvine,CA, Des Moines, Fort Lauderdale,FL, Vancouver, Eugene,OR, Boulder…..the list goes on and on and on and so many of them have great school with small classes, where each kid in the class isn’t a clone or some mold or cookie to fit into the cookie cutter, or whatever other metaphor people use….you will actually be needed and feel like you have a purpose…so much to give jewishly….your kids will feel proud to be Jewish and will behave accordingly (in many cases…)…..

    in reply to: Top 5 websites? #726967


    janie and jack




    yeshiva world


    in reply to: magazine ad about sheitels #724772

    i saw that ad and i totally agree…the connotation was completely inappropriate- my husband was shocked at it. And BTW, if anyone needs a good graphic designer that knows what they’re doing..let me know…i do graphics that are simply….edible!

    in reply to: Am I the only Supersol Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Addict? #721868

    supersol started in Israel i think and here their products don’t really have a good hechsher-at least the ones they sell as their own (with a supersol label)

    in reply to: OU Kashrut in Israel #716677

    someone I know well who use to work for OU israel told me it is not reliable here. The people in the US want to believe it’s the same but it’s not. Kashrus is Israel is a WHOLE ‘nother thing!

    in reply to: The Maccabeats #834800

    my problem with it is that it’s been on CNN and other news outlets. THIS is what secular Jews see of us frum jews and the goyim too. It’s just a representation of our shallow, superficial generation. But I guess you have to do what works for the times!

    in reply to: WORKING WITH FAMILY #714829

    hmmm…thanks everyone! I sort of had the same fears..hence the thread. in my situation, the in law has a business and the son in law is a perfect match in terms of experience and capabilities. they also get along amazingly…so im thinking that it;s better to risk it because it has the potential to become a great family business…what do you think?

    in reply to: How To Raise My Self-Esteem #797565


    You want the real thing, not fake self esteem!

    Check out Miriam Adahan’s EMETT and other books-they helped me a lot with many things in life!

    in reply to: Things are getting out of hand #713889

    at least you save on the shipping- its free!

    in reply to: Chanuka Games For Party #712346

    scavenger hunt around house in the dark using candles with chanuka theme.

    in reply to: Yeshiva And Seminary Students Guide #714456

    or did you make it and you are trying to do an informal survey????

    in reply to: Labels And Tzinus #710742

    hudi- finally!!! someone gets it!!! do I know you?

    Minyan gal-I agree, it’s not about the money, it’s about the fact that you and I BOTH know that many of us have bought into the designers mentality- that we feel good wearing high end designers because they show we have money. Anyhow, that is NOT the point, the point is that if we truly understand and internalize tznius, the rest will follow…

    in reply to: Labels And Tzinus #710736

    well, then, I give up. I clearly hit a raw nerve and since I am feeling so misunderstood, well, I will put my efforts elsewhere (which I am doing already), and why does everyone assume that people who posted here are jealous. You have no clue how much money I have (or my shver has j/k) Maybe I CAN afford all these labels, but choose to draw attention to my soul rather than my wallet with the way I dress. Good Shabbos everyone!

    in reply to: Labels And Tzinus #710683

    Being the one who started this post and since clearly many people missed my point, I will reiterate!!!

    I couldn’t care less how much someone spends on a shirt and I am not here to make rules against labels. But if you don’t realize that being overtaken with the latest style and constantly running after them and wearing labels to show off your money is not a tznius issue, THEN YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND TZNIUS!!! It’s not about showing off, or that designer clothing aren’t tznius, or that a lexus is flashy. IT”S THAT THE CORE OF TZNIUS IS SAYING: LOOK PAST MY BODY, I AM WAY MORE THAN THAT, I AM A NESHAMA!!!!

    Adam and Chava didn’t wear clothing because there was no Yetzer Hara, they had no problem seeing the soul–THE BODY WAS NOT A DISTRACTION FOR THEM. But as soon as they ate from the Eitz Haddas, they had to wear clothing, because now it was hard to see straight to the soul without being distracted by the body. You can now see how using clothing for any other purpose is TOTALLY MISSING THE POINT AND THE ANTITHESIS OF TZNIUS IN PRINCIPLE.

    Sac-if you still don’t get the connection, let me know!

    And please don’t make generalizations about ramat eshkol yeshivaguy! Maybe I am rich, and maybe I could easily afford anything designer, but I wouldn’t want to use my clothing as a DISTRACTION FROM MY NESHAMA-I might as well walk around naked!

    in reply to: Shalosh Sedos Food #709878

    the wolf- what do you do that you have time to blog all the time? Do you actually make money for a living? are you a girl? just curious.

    Seuda Shlishis:

    brocolli salad

    tomato salad

    cut up veggies

    pasta salad



    just potential ideas..

    in reply to: Labels And Tzinus #710648

    which brings us to Yavan! They worshipped the body as the end all and be all (labels worship money) through beauty, ideas, sports, and academia. WE won the war against them by worshipping Hashem and viewing our body as only a vehicle to the neshama;s purpose in this world. That is true tznius.Tziporaheller.org has some amazing videos on the topic… and naaleh.com has her videos posted as well!

    in reply to: Labels And Tzinus #710640

    sacrilege- read “outside inside” by gila manolson to see what tznius is all about. There is nothing to turn people off from tznius here- JUST THE OPPOSITE. I dont propose to make a rule against designer clthing, but rather, TEACH PEOPLE WHAT THE IDEA OF TZNIUS REALLY IS, and then help them internalize it and they wont need to rely on labels for their identity. Tznius is MUCH MORE THAN HALACHA…..and is a really beautiful concept. read the book-it’s an eye opener!

    in reply to: Should There Be An Indication For Gender Under Peoples Names? #711996

    just like kids need fairytales to escape the realities of life, adults need to escape sometimes too..to the CR! Vhameivin yavin….

    in reply to: Dose of reality: Kids kicked out of school #708913

    wellinformedyid- I totally agree- we are driving ourselves into a deep dark hole. We expect the wife to work (or she needs to), the husband, have a million kids, many times no close family nearby, involved in tons of chesed, always look happy and put together. Unfortunately, we are seeing the korbonos of our unrealistic lifestyle…

    in reply to: Please Be Cautious With Whom You Entrust Your Children To! #705944

    I once did a babysitting group and people sent without looking into me at all. When I sent my son to cheder, I asked them straight out about hitting and they showed me where it talks about it in the teacher’s contract. My friend was relieved that they don’t hit. She had been sending her son there for a few years. I couldn’t believe she would send her kid there without knowing. But people just send where everyone else sends, and they have no clue what’s really going on….it is completely irresponsible. If we are too overwhelmed by life to take proper care of our children well….I will abstain from commenting on that.

    in reply to: Depressing Conversation With 7th Grade BY Girl #736900

    TV is harmless? OK, either you never watched TV nowadays, or your kids are way too close together and you NEED the TV as a babysitter….But seriously, I mean I hear 5 year old girls talking about dumping and boyfriends, and that is the least of it. WHERE DO YOU THINK THEY GET THE IDEA OF DRINKING AND DRUGS??????????????

    in reply to: Molesters: Why Do Some In Our Community Cover For Them? #711705

    I feel like my best protection is: honesty between me and my children- they can tell me anything and I don’t show my reaction (disgust, concern) so they don’t feel intimidated. NUMBER TWO– I pop in their school every so often at different hours. NO ONE WILL MESS WITH MY KID because they know I am extremely involved and can come to the school at any time (or so I hope). BE INVOLVED IN THE SCHOOL, and try to know what’s going on…

    in reply to: Bnos Sara vs. Bnos Chava #942480

    epstein- Mrs. Epstien….

    in reply to: Bnos Sara vs. Bnos Chava #942479

    Rabbi Geisler from Bnos Chava is one of the BEST educators and people there are today. I would give anything to go back to his classes. But I am the type that actually gets close to and forms a relationship with teachers but I don’t think most girls are like that. I also had Mrs. (ok I am totally blanking on her name- she is the principal and founder of Bnos sara- it will come to me) and she is very warm and sincere. I also liked her classes and approach. Also, there are well over 100 girls in BC and much less in BS- so if you care about that…Also, BS does try to take more chinuch families that have less money, whereas BC (which obviously has a HUGE mix) has girls that come from money and so obviously the competition for gashmiyus plays more of a roll there…. BNOS SARA IS NOT CLOSER TO THE DINING ROOM- BNOS CHAVA IS!! Because buildings 5 and 6 (BC) are technically about 2 inches closer to the DR. (I was in building seven for a year, so I know poppa bar abba, where you getting your info from???

    in reply to: Molesters: Why Do Some In Our Community Cover For Them? #711661

    I heard that in Chicago, there is some sort of board of external people (not tied to institutions) that has been quite effective in running people like this out of town. Of course with it being in the media and all, kids can make things up, and we really have to be careful both for the adult’s sake and the kid’s. Someone I know is a teacher and a student was mad at her and said “Im going to tell the principal that you hit me…” She immediately recorded the incident so that people would know that this kid could make things up. It’s really a catch 22 and Siyata Dishmaya is sorely needed as in all areas of life.

    in reply to: CHINUCH: A must read! #707729

    aries: when we give our schools the support (moral, emotional, and financial) and respect that they deserve and need, we can expect them to be mechaneich our children in all facets to our high expectations (and in some cases, instead of us)…stop to think how school and chinuch is viewed in our society: a financial burden, something to complain about, gossip about, etc. NOT as the foundation of our society. Rebbeim should be paid the MOST not the least….when was the last time you thanked the principal, volunteered your time, sent the teachers a present, went to visit, etc…..

    in reply to: Shmiras Ainayim & OTD #707377

    Exactly my point and I am working hard to make up my education….and I think we all should.we need a system of adult education, much like a kiruv program would have where adults learn the basics and then have something to give over to their kids. Give me $10,000 I’ll start a world-wide program….

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