AND SO IT BEGINS: Sullivan County Locals Verbally Attack Orthodox Jews Over Measles


Tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews will be making their way to their summer homes and camps in Upstate NY in the next 3 weeks, and some locals are becoming vocal about their concerns that there is a measles outbreak in the community.

YWN has received multiple reports over the past few weeks of local residents in Sullivan County making nasty comments towards Orthodox Jews about vaccination and measles.

YWN has learned of incidents in Fallsburg, Woodridge, Walmart in Monticello, and most recently (over Shavuos) on a road in Kiamesha / Monticello. In all the incidents reported to YWN, Jews were either yelled at or cursed at – thanks to very small anti-vaxxer population.

One person told YWN they were warned not to come upstate for the summer.

On a local Sullivan County Facebook page, which has a long history of allowing anti-semitic comment to flow freely, the attached image was posted last week. As could be expected, the hateful comments about Jews, taxes, food stamps, and driving minivans upstate followed the post.

Last month YWN reported that the Sullivan County Legislature has approved measles vaccination requirements for summer camps. It mandates that camp health directors verify that all their campers and staffers have presented appropriate evidence of immunity to measles, or have presented proof of a valid medical exemption. Any violations could result in a $2,000 fine being levied upon the camp, per violation, per day.

Meanwhile, the Sullivan County Health Department says there may have been measles exposure at multiple locations, including Yeshiva of South Fallsburg, Vizhnitz (Gibbers), and Garden Terrace.

Recently, a local resident penned a letter to the YWN readership regarding her son who received a heart transplant five years ago and is immunosuppressed. She pleads with the anti-vaxxers to take her son into consideration.

YWN has confirmed that dozens of bungalow colonies and developments have sent letters to their residents demanding proof of vaccination or they will not be allowed into the premises for the summer months. All of these locations made this decision following consultation with leading Rabbonim.

To date, 588 cases of measles have been confirmed in New York City since the beginning of the outbreak last October. [Over 1000 cases confirmed nationwide, the highest count in 27 years.] 437 cases (74%) have occurred in the predominately Orthodox-Jewish communities in Williamsburg (ZIP codes 11205, 11206, 11211, 11249), which has been under an Emergency Order issued April 9 requiring those who live or work in these ZIP codes to have been vaccinated with the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR). A small number of cases have occurred outside of these neighborhoods but have, to date, not resulted in sustained transmission of measles.


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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. What should our askanim’s response to this overt anti-Semitic vitriol be? It’s totally un-called for. We’ve done nothing wrong.

    Askanim not what they have done for measles, askanim what you can do for our measles.

  2. I will be surprised if YWN will post this since they won’t post anything against them.

    But you-YWN are creating the hatred, anti semitism. If they see such hate towards non vaxxers from Jewish community why shouldn’t they follow? You don’t have to agree but just by showing such hatred towards your own ppl- this is what’s causing the anti semitism.

    Moderators Note: YWN posts comments against us all day long.

  3. So Jewish summer camps ARE allowed to point out that their Jewish customers have to be vaccinated, but somehow non Jews are not allowed to point out that Jews should be vaccinated?

  4. I hate to say this, but what would you say if the shoe was on the other foot?

    The facts are quite clear.

    This outbreak is primarily in our community.

    There are also some in our community who are quite vocal in their stance against vaccinations.

    What else do we expect from the citizens of Sullivan County? You want them to be Dan L’Kaf Zchus the rest of us???

  5. My answer to the loudmouths is: The only thing worse than your comment is the people who don’t vaccinate.

    That way they’ll have nothing to answer you back.

  6. Measels is only the latest addition to causes of anti-Semitism in the Catskills. The locals hate Jews for many reasons, and have hated Jews for a long time up there. Our manners, our lack of consideration, the way we drive, are some of the understandable reasons. Couple that with unreasonable anti-Semitism, and you have a powder keg up there just waiting to explode.

  7. Whoever those folks are must be highly educated. Considering the outbreak is nationwide and the other center was somewhere on the west coast (Washington State a few months ago was #2), I can only assume one thing.
    Jews really do control the world and are everywhere. How else does facts not follow these myths?

  8. And if they accused ‘all Jews’ of being thieves because a few steal in business, will YWN agree to, and condone the accusations? Maybe we should all stop giving a bris milah to our sons, because after all, it can spread herpes and is cruel to innocent babies.
    YWN, stop adding fuel to their antisemitic fire. They manage well enough without any assistance from within.

    And yes; I vaccinate my kids.

  9. Wait till one of those people living up there catch the disease.It’s not just the disease that’s coming up there It there aggressive behavior that comes with it I feel for the people nine months of peace and quiet and fresh air and then comes a dust storm

  10. I have to say that I don;t think we have anything to fear against a group who can’t even spell the word measles correctly. Brain dead in every area.

  11. For once I agree with almost every comment. We do not “own” the Catskills. We are short term visitors and we need to respect the ways of the locals and be considerate and polite. But instead many adults as well as teens behave like behamos. Grow up, treat Sullivan County better than Williamsburg and if you don’t vax, DON’T GO THERE!!!

  12. Firstly, for those that think the outbreak is primarily by the Jews seem to believe/think/assume that the Jews populate ALL states. For some reason the media is focusing more on the Jews with the measles but check out to see what is happening in other states for a broader picture.

    Secondly, Sullivan County was never okay with the camps… Great opportunity for them to vent.

    And most of all, the picture on the top of this page is NOT someone with MEASLES!
    It is either a misdiagnosis or part of the misinformation being circulated about measles!

    Moderators Note: Enlighten us all… out of 100 cases nationally… what percentage are in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Thanks.

  13. Is this called anti-Semitism? They happen to be right. Why shouldn’t they be scared?
    We are all scared when we are next to these anti-vaxxers.
    We are all scared when we travel on the airlines because of these anti-vaxxers.
    We are all scared of the comments that are being made worldwide about us “ultra-Orthodox” because of these anti-vaxxers.
    The Chilul Hashem that these “people” have caused is horrible and unforgivable.
    And they have the chutzpa to talk to the media and espouse their stupidity and increase the level of Chilul Hashem that they caused.
    Yes – there sadly are some “people of prominence” that buy and sell this garbage – but Gehinnom is big enough for all of them.

  14. Truth is, many of them simply hate Yidden, and now jump on the opportunity. To counter their argument one can say that anti-vax theory originates from Alex Jones, and not from the Jewish community. That should shut them up.

  15. the particular facebook page mentioned in the article is all about badmouthing “hasidics”. measles is just the latest reiteration.

  16. Probably not. YWN is not known for their accuracy in anything – either deliberately or because they’re not real reporters.

  17. Malka, if you think your proper spelling will do a better job against measles than vaccinations then you really have a lot to learn…

  18. Shlepper writes: Alex Jones (the right-wing falsehood talker) is an anti-vaxxer, and that “That should shut them (anti-Semitic pro-vaxxers) up.” But it won’t.

    There are 2 toxic problems here, (i) anti-vax mishigoss, and (ii) anti-Semitic hatred. They intersect at one place – the measles outbreak among some frum Jews. There is nothing per se wrong with Sullivan county public officials’ taking extra precautions against visitors to the region. There is plenty wrong – but nothing new – with anti-Semitism.

  19. As per the moderators request, I will enlighten you all!
    According to the CDC the outbreak was NOT only in New York!
    They include on their website some cities in California, Pennsylvania and Washington.
    And some news channels have reported that this widespread outbreak has reached 20 states.
    If you are reporting news, please don’t just pick the news that will create more anti-semitism and sticking to your agenda.

    Please report on ALL children that need to be treated in CHOP following a vaccine. If it has nothing to do with vaccines, reporting them shouldn’t pose a threat.
    For every story you included about measles in the last few months, I know more than 10 injuries that just so happened right after a vaccine. Like, leukemia diagnosis, seizures resulting to full blown epilepsy, kidney failure, GBS, full blown polio, hallucinations and more.

  20. There are jewish communities in California, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Jews aren’t exclusive to New York. It would not be surprising to hear that there are jews in more than 20 states.

  21. The outbreaks in other states are NOT among Jews. (Except the brief one in Detroit around Purim time, which was traced to one Israeli meshulach.)