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The Shabbos App Controversy 29 Letakein Girl 13 hours
Stopping diseases 52 Sam2 14 hours
Zionism, Why the Big Debate? 53 viyoel moishe 16 hours
Theological Conundrum (read at your own risk) 92 viyoel moishe 18 hours
Negative Campaigning 2 The Goq™ 1 day
So who here has actually been in the IDF? 38 ivory 1 day
Things people in the CR find offensive 48 writersoul 2 days
Just found out the true purpose of music. 1 RebYidd23 2 days
Leviim will become Kohanim when Moshiach comes... 3 vayoel moshe 3 days
Syrian Community and Converts 9 Sasha52318 3 days
It's okay to care about animals 10 sirvoddmort 6 days
Rebbes Affectionate with Children 99 ivory 6 days
Blood-Red Moon this Pesach= War? 30 coffee addict 1 week
Discrimination Against Baalei Teshuva 143 Vogue 1 week
R' Chaim Kanievski Women Wearing Tefillin 130 sm29 2 weeks
Chol Hamoed 1 Health 2 weeks
stopping with a chavrusa because he smokes. 31 scared driver delight 2 weeks
Rosh Hashana UMAN 17 yekke2 3 weeks
The World To Come and Gilgulim 47 yekke2 3 weeks
Couplets, haikus and any short poems by weird people 62 sirvoddmort 3 weeks
a point to ponder about the "shidduch crisis" 4 Daniel Q Blog 1 month
Why EVERYBODY is incorrect 4 coffee addict 1 month
Orthodox Jews and Psychology 80 yytz 1 month
women wearing tefilin/ learning gemara 3 Patur Aval Assur 1 month
Are Women Really Jewish? 148 RebYidd23 1 month
I can tell you what your favorite color is! 6 The Goq™ 1 month
Would you rent your apartment to a financially stable divorcee? 49 Randomex 1 month
Best Textbooks 13 my own kind of jew 1 month
Switching to a different rabbi 10 1122334455 1 month
Celebrating a Sports Team 35 zahavasdad 1 month
Sephardim and Giyur 58 Sasha52318 2 months
Bes Din and a response to the Agudath Israel Article 5 Modern Chasid 2 months
what NOT to do 4 YW Moderator-29 2 months
My Sighting of the Lock Ness Monster 17 RebYidd23 2 months
My Close Encounter 59 RebYidd23 2 months
Sports teams and Hashem 21 To be or not to be 2 months
How would you respond to Savage on Metzitzah 122 Malbim 2 months
the shidduch system 135 DaasYochid 2 months
What drives your marriage? 15 yentachaya 2 months
It's A Man's World 16 frumnotyeshivish 3 months
Report Card Comments you think maybe you should have gotten but didn't 2 ari-free 3 months
Bein Hazmanim 1 rkefrat 3 months
A cappella concert 9 Randomex 3 months
Weird Product Nicknames 8 oomis 3 months
Does a parent have a right to break a computer bought by a child? 47 RebYidd23 3 months
Astrology 26 my own kind of jew 3 months
Hunting and Judaism 46 my own kind of jew 3 months
Torah topics that lead to discussions 2 sayswho 3 months
Who is Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel 40 hal 3 months
Cost of going to the country 42 cherrybim 4 months

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