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Annoying Jewish Telemarketers 101 Comlink-X 1 week
Why can't we handle different? 5 Bookworm120 3 weeks
I am offended by the lack of name-calling 11 One Liner 1 month
International Observers 4 Avi K 1 month
Louis Vuitton Compares Jews To Vegans! 14 This name is already taken 2 months
Common Sayings That Irritate Me 67 RebYidd23 2 months
East Ramapo School Monitor 7 lesschumras 3 months
Response to "A Ritual of Madness" 10 NeutiquamErro 3 months
Beautiful Sullivan County parks 8 newbee 3 months
Why are the Hashgochos promulgating a fraud: Oat Matzos 23 charliehall 4 months
To all hater haters 14 sushibagel 4 months
Young Tragedies 9 Health 4 months
What is more disruptive in shul.... 45 WolfishMusings 4 months
I'm not trying to be racist 37 ubiquitin 4 months
We must WAKE UP! 27 sm29 4 months
Misused Ma'amarei Chazal 9 147 4 months
I have my own personal mosquito 2 coffee addict 4 months
The real reason for the ban against chassidish women driving? 196 nishtdayngesheft 5 months
Potato Onions 6 SayIDidIt™ 5 months
So Many Things To Say 35 YW Moderator-29 5 months
. 18 RebYidd23 6 months
You don't have to finish the bottle 5 DaasYochid 6 months
ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHOSE FIRST NAMES START WITH Q! Do not read otherwise. 22 RebYidd23 6 months
Let's complain about tznius 26 Little Froggie 6 months
Why's there no chiyuv to remeber what happened to Llpt's wife? 9 miritchka 6 months
This is just the world we live in. Life's not fair. 3 Goldilocks 6 months
You're not doing it because you want to. 8 RebYidd23 6 months
Children valuable, single mothers are not 6 Health 7 months
my friend is going off 31 Daniell11 7 months
Middos alert for Dr. Middos! 13 Little Froggie 7 months
I want to share my feeling about somthing. Derech Eretz Kudmu L'Torah 5 catch yourself 7 months
what are you looking at? 5 Little Froggie 7 months
Ahavas Yisroel Rant 4 Torah613Torah 7 months
Going to hotels for Pesach 33 apushatayid 8 months
The story of the Posek who made an Al HaMichya on Qinoa 10 lesschumras 8 months
Join my cause 10 sirvoddmort 8 months
Ahavas Yisroel Rant (in Honor of Golfer) 2 golfer 8 months
Cats, Katz, and all other feline friends 21 Comlink-X 8 months
Rant - Doing a chesed in return for tzeddokah 17 oomis 9 months
What to call people 21 tiawd 9 months
Why I'm an Ama'aretz 46 DaasYochid 9 months
Road Rage 11 monsey23 9 months
Looking to buy a thingie for cheap, good quality, in olive smudge only please 4 RebYidd23 9 months
Everybody's Doing It 3 Joseph 9 months
Masmidim and shoe laces 21 Trust 789 9 months
How are some people ALWAYS so organized??? 13 showjoe 9 months
[closed] Women who don't recognize their inferiority 32 yayin yashan bkli chadash 10 months
List the houses who don't shovel here! 20 Bookworm120 10 months
In defense of your bakery 4 Vogue 10 months
Judging other people based on little information. 5 RebYidd23 10 months

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